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Zagreb Solar System
Zagreb Solar System
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A perfectly unique representation of the Solar system! Marvelous!

Bogovićeva ul. 1B, 10000, Zagreb

Zagreb Solar System, a.k.a. Grounded Solar System is an interesting and educational art display in Zagreb, which means that this would be a nice location to visit for anyone who is travelling with kids.


The original piece, The grounded Sun was created in 1971 and it was located in front of the Croatian National Theater. Since it was constantly vandalised and misplaced, a replica of it was placed at its current location at Bogovićeva street back in 1994.


The nine plantes (officially called ‘Nine Views’) were placed in the wider area of the city in 2004. If you want to see all of them, you’ll have to walk around the place and do some discovering!


The planets have little plaques under them with some basic information so you’ll be able to learn something new! How amazing is that?!


This is a really interesting way of representing the Solar system, so if you’re into that kind of stuff, or if you’d like to do some discovering around the city, this will be awesome for you!

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