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Zelena Špilja
Zelena Špilja
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This place is truly amazing, you should definitely visit it!

Griže, 21480
Free entrance

Another one of the treasures of the Island of Vis! This is already the second cave from Vis on this list, that should be saying something about the beauty and value of the island, shouldn’t it? Well, if it doesn’t, we’re going to say it instead!


The island itself is really beautiful, it’s worth your time and effort so don’t hesitate to visit it. The Green Cave itself played a huge part in World War II. Smaller battle ships used to hide in the cave until danger left their sight! It’s called the ‘Green cave’ because of the green algae, it gives the water a special green glow (not the sick green glow though, this is a normal, healthy green glow).


Fun fact: you’re allowed to jump into the water and enjoy a nice swim around the cave! The cave has two huge entrances, so getting in/around shouldn’t be a problem.


A special treat for everyone who’ll visit is the singing of birds which found their home inside the cave, as well as the droplets of water which rhythmically fall from the stalactite into the sea.


All in all, this place is amazing! If you decide to visit Vis, you shouldn’t miss the chance of visiting this cave!

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