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Photo credit: y.becart / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
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Significant tourist mountain center

Zlatar mountain, Nova Varos
Some of restaurants with international and local cuisine

Zlatar is a mountain in the southwestern part of Serbia. It is located between the Rivers Lim, Uvca, Milesevka and Bistrica. Zlatar is a part of the Dinaric Mountains chain, which extends towards the Adriatic sea.
Zlatar mountain, because of its geological features, climate and plant species, is classified as an important region for tourism, with a potential for sports and recreation, hunting, conferences, day-trips and village tourism.
In the vicinity of Zlatar mountain, tourists can visit the canyon of the Uvac river, the habitat of a rare bird species – the Griffon Vulture.
Zlatar has been declared a “climatic spa” because of its aromatic meadows and clear lakes, combination of Mediterranean and mountain climates, a large number of annual sunny days.
On Zlatar mountain there is the Institute for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation from cardiovascular disease and arterial blood pressure, surrounded by spruce and birch trees.

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By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Valjevo-Uzice exit Uzice and by road to Cajetina, Nova Varos