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I am a travel enthusiast, with life dream to travel the world and find someone who will be willing to listen about my travels all day long :) I also love photography and trying out local cuisine and wines. :)

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10 Unique Festivals in Slovenia

1. KURENTOVANJE   Time: Shrovetide, usually in February or March Duration: 16 days Place: Ptuj     Kurentovanje is the most famous and most popular Slovenian festival. It is an ethnographic [...]

7 Bloggers Who Fell in Love with Slovenia

“So where is this country you are talking about? Are you sure it is so close to Italy? How did you say it is called? Slovakia?”   As a native [...]

Visit Lendava – City with Unusual Attractions | Things to do in Slovenia
Lendava castle

Lendava is a small town on the edge of Slovenia, in a region named Prekmurje (or Pomurje). The rich history of this small town is full of unimaginable events that left [...]

A Day in Kropa

There is no place like Kropa – simply a unique, amazing and unforgettable little village with long years of iron-forging tradition that left an incredible mark on the everyday life [...]

Sweet Sightseeing in Radovljica | Cities in Slovenia

The small town of Radovljica is a well hidden Slovenian gem, located at an altitude of 491 meters. The town has had a long tradition of being one of the [...]

Things to Do in Prekmurje | Places to visit in Slovenia

Prekmurje is located in the Northeast part of Slovenia, close to the Croatian and Hungarian borders. It is one of the least visited parts of Slovenia, although it offers a [...]

Explore Amazing Kamnik | Where to go in Slovenia

Kamnik is one of the cutest, nicest and beautiful small towns in Slovenia. With old architecture from the medieval days, red-orange roofs, small churches and ruins of mighty castles, it’s [...]

One day in Piran | Places to visit in Slovenia

Piran is one of the cutest towns in Slovenia. It is located in Slovene Istria on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. It is also the main city of municipality Piran, [...]

Active One-Day Getaway in the Beautiful Geopark Idrija | Slovenia nature

Idrija is located in the northwest part of Slovenia and is part of the huge and very diverse Geopark Idrija, a member of the European and World Geopark Network and [...]

Discover the Hidden Charms of Idrija | Places to visit in Slovenia

Idrija is one of the most stunning small towns in Slovenia, with incredible history, homely charm and friendly people. The simplicity of the town is just a cover up, as [...]

Top 10 Castles in Slovenia

A true castle lover should not miss out on the great castles Slovenia has in store for you. They are placed in different regions of Slovenia, but luckily for you, [...]

Explore Slovenian History in Ljubljana | Things to do in Ljubljana

Take one day from your holidays to explore the Slovenian history by visiting some of the museums located in Ljubljana. This route will take you through different historical times and [...]