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Enjoy traveling around and discover new places. Moved from Canada to Slovenia for Love. Hobbyist Photographer with my husband. Check out my personal blog: Check out our photos: :)

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10 places only locals know in Slovenia

1. Grad Kamen Located at the village of Begunje na Gorenjskem, the ruins of the Grad Kamen, which means Stone Castle in Slovene, can be found. The Romanesque tower is [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Slovenia Attractions

At your arrival Is Slovenia in the Schengen area? Yes, since March 30th 2008, Slovenia is part of the Schengen Area.   What are the customs formalities? Customs formalities depends [...]

10 Attractions in Cambodia that are NOT Temples
Throne_Hall,_Royal_Palace,_Phnom_Penh,_Cambodia Photo credit: Nikin Kovilakath

As you probably already know, Cambodia is well-known for its beautiful temples such as the famous Angkor Wat or the huge stone face sculptures in the Bayon Temple, but Cambodia has much more to [...]

A day trip in Munich, Germany
1280px-Frauenkirche_Munich_March_2013 Martin Falbisoner

Munich is the largest city in the state of Bavaria in Germany, north of the beautiful Bavarian Alps and crossed by the river Isar. Munich is a major center of [...]

10 of the strangest natural landscapes
Salar De Uyuni Photo credit: Nico Kaiser / Source / CC BY

No need to travel to the moon to witness bizarre scenery, there are plenty of beautiful yet strange natural landscapes on our own planet Earth: the Salar de Uyuni, the Antelope Canyon, [...]