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Top 10 Unusual Things in Athens

1. Athens Basketball Game   People mainly come to Athens to see the historic sights of the city. This is still an amazing adventure, but the reality is that there [...]

Best Bars and Pubs in Athens

1. Bar Noel     The Noel Bar is located in the downtown area of Athens, more specifically on Kolokotroni Street. The interior of the place is really interesting and [...]

Top 10 historic places in Athens, Greece
Jebulon [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons

1. Acropolis     For most of us, when we speak about Athens we think of the Acropolis. This place is by far the most unique and most popular historic [...]

What Are The Best Things To Do In Liverpool
Photo credit: Blowing Puffer Fish via / CC BY

Known, across the world, for its wide variety of shopping areas, historic architecture, entertainment, Football Club, and picturesque beaches, Liverpool is an ideal place to spend a weekend with your [...]

Athens Food Guide – 10 Local Dishes And Drinks

1. BRIAM     Athens has a huge variety of dishes that are typical for the region. One of them is the Briam, which is a dish that is really [...]

Top 10 Attractions in Rome, Italy

1. Colle Aventino Aventine Hill is one of the seven hills on which Rome was built. The area is not as popular as many other tourist attractions in Rome. On [...]

Welcome the Spring with a Weekend Trip to the Lake District

As the snowy, cold days begin to come to an end, and the sun starts to shine bright, you can finally prepare yourself for the spring to arrive. Spring brings [...]

Top 10 Motorbiking Roads in Europe

Have you ever ridden an electric scooter on a phenomenon road? It feels like taking a stroll through the heart of Disney Land. Europe has some of the cutest roads [...]

Top 10 Attractions in Belgrade, Serbia

1. Avala Tower   The Avala Tower is the tallest tower not only in Serbia but in the whole Balkan region. It is over 200 meters tall and it is [...]

10 must-things to do in Berlin at night
Photo credit: tuppus via / CC BY

With a high multicultural, young and lively crowd, Berlin indeed gets exciting in evening and night. It is famous for its cultural nights and party hotspots. The city looks stunning [...]

A Week In Berlin – What To See And Do
Photo credit: james j8246 via / CC BY

A week in Berlin may seem like a short time when you reach the end of the journey, after all, with all the options available, you have the feeling that [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Berlin Attractions – Berlin FAQ
Photo credit: Pascal Volk via / CC BY-SA

How is the Public Transportation in Berlin?   Berlin has an efficient public transportation, which is economical and punctual. You won’t find any ticket checking machines at any of the [...]

Top 10 Attractions in Kiev, Ukraine

1. Toilet History Museum   There are museums on all kind of topics, but have you ever heard about toilet history museum? This is one of the most unique and [...]

10 Places In Berlin To Go & Eat
Photo credit: JMParrone via / CC BY-SA

Berlin is a cosmopolitan city and you can find the most varied worldwide recipes in several restaurants spread across the main tourist routes. But there is always that taste of [...]

Tips for Berlin Travel
Photo credit: emilio labrador via / CC BY

The trip that you have been wanting to take for so long is finally here! About to go to Berlin for a week? Here is a review of the things [...]

7 Things to do on a Holiday to Greenland
Photo credit: Greenland Travel via / CC BY

If you are planning to tour Greenland as your next vacation destination, there are many things to see and do there. The remarkable landscapes, iceberg-choked fjords, exceptional wildlife, and the [...]

Top 10 Must-See Museums in Berlin
Photo credit: Bernt Rostad via / CC BY

A visit to Berlin is a visit to the history of the last two centuries. From the great era of excavation in Egypt and Persia to the Great Wars of [...]

Weekend in Berlin – Top Activities to do
Photo credit: itsbruce via / CC BY

More than 10 million travelers visit Berlin annually. The city is best known for various museums and palaces, vibrant street artworks and green areas. Indeed, the city requires you to [...]

Top Berlin Markets and Flea Markets You Should Visit
Photo credit: Iwan Gabovitch via / CC BY

Berlin is one of the most lovely cities in Europe. As a cosmopolitan metropolis, you can feel the whole world around you even in the inner city. Get to know [...]

24 hours in Berlin: Attractions Worth Visiting
Photo credit: VoxLive via / CC BY

So you just have one day to explore Berlin, don’t worry, we have come up with a list of top attractive places that you must visit. They highlight Berlin’s history [...]

Top Unusual Things To Do In Berlin
Photo credit: Pixelmädchen6 via / CC BY

Tourist spots in Berlin are many, you can simply Google them and visit. But here I will talk about some of the hidden or lesser known activities that you can [...]

10 Most Famous Caves in Slovenia

Slovenia has many caves, some of them more famous and some less. The most famous and visited Slovenian caves are Postojna Cave, Pekel, and Škocjanske Caves. Other caves are not [...]

10 Unusual Places To Visit In UK This Summer
Photo credit: Photo Courtesy of No Man's Fort

UK is well known for its museums, pubs, fish and chips, castles and historical places. London Eye, Stonehedge, Royal Palace, famous museums and many others are very well known and [...]

Top 10 Attractions in Prague, Czech Republic

1. Statue of Franz Kafka   The Statue of Franz Kafka is probably one of the most amazing statues that I have seen in my life. This landmark is located [...]

Top 10 Attractions in Warsaw, Poland

1. Jewish Monument   The Jewish Monument in Warsaw is one of the most spectacular memorials in Poland. The memorial is in honor of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943. [...]

10 Places To Visit In Budapest, Hungary

1. Rock Hospital   This hospital is actually built in the nuclear bunker in Budapest, Hungary that is close to the Buda Castle. The place was created around the 1930s [...]

Top 10 Places you Must visit in Schengen
Photo credit: jorge zapico / Foter / CC BY-SA Photo credit: jorge zapico / Foter / CC BY-SA

1. La Rambla   A popular street in heart of Barcelona, La Rambla is only a little bit more than 1 km long, but it has it all: cafes, shops, [...]

Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada – By Louise Hudson
Kimberley Alpine Resort

Discovering Kimberley is like a pioneer’s epiphany. After driving in from Radium Springs via flat valley roads along the Powder Highway, you start to ascend into more hilly topography meandering [...]

10 Places Only Locals Know In Barcelona, Spain

1. Santa Anna Church   The Church of Santa Anna or Esglesia de Satna Anna (in Catalan) is a typical Catalan church located in the city of Barcelona. The government [...]

Top 10 Things To See In Costa Rica

1. The Nicoya Peninsula   The Nicoya Peninsula is home to some of the most secluded and gorgeous beaches and one of the most trendy tourist destinations. Here you can find [...]

10 Places Only Locals Know In Zagreb, Croatia

1. The Zagreb Eye   The Zagreb Eye is a really interesting viewpoint in the capital of Croatia – Zagreb. From the Eye, you can see most of the city. [...]

Fernie, British Columbia, Canada – By Louise Hudson

Fancy a Fernie foray this winter? Famous for 30 feet of snowfall each winter, the alpine resort was built just above the old mining town, the resultant flow of visitors and [...]

Revelstoke Mountain Resort, British Columbia, Canada – By Louise Hudson
Ian Houghton/Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Until 2007 Revelstoke’s incredible snowfall was just for those who could afford hedonistic heli-ski holidays or cruisy cat rides up Mackenzie Mountain. All that changed when the 69-run ski resort [...]

Sunshine Village Banff – By Louise Hudson
Sunshine Village

Skiing at Sunshine Village in Banff National Park is a bucket list bonanza, ticking off multiple must-do items. This 88-year-old ski resort is in Canada’s oldest national park where exacting [...]

10 Places Only Locals Know In Bucharest, Romania

1. Cismigiu Gardens   Cisimigiu is a beautiful park in the capital of Romania – Bucharest. Most times tourists do not have the time to visit the city parks. Personally, [...]

Top 10 Things To See In Hong Kong
Jeremy Thompson

1. Ocean Park   Hong Kong Ocean Park opened in 1977, is a marine-life theme park featuring animal exhibits, exciting rides, and interesting shows. It offers customers a world-class experience [...]

10 Places Only Locals Know In Istanbul, Turkey

1. Basilica Cistern   The largest and probably the oldest cistern that stands beneath the city of Istanbul. It was built in the 6th century while the city was still [...]

10 Places Only Locals Know In Sofia, Bulgaria

1. Catholic Cathedral St Joseph   The Catholic Cathedral St Joseph in Sofia is one of the few catholic churches in Bulgaria and more specific in Sofia. This holy place [...]

Top Attractions In Theth, Albania

1. Waterfall of Thethi in Grunas 2. Blue Eye of Kaprre 3. Grunas canyon 4. Glacial lakes of the neck of Pejë 5. Exploring Caves speleology / rocky climbing 6. [...]

Top 10 Scariest Places in USA

1. Mammoth Cave   This is the longest cave system in the world. This cave was used as the home to the tuberculosis patients in 1842. There was a doctor’s [...]