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Best Places To Workout In Zagreb

Going on a holiday can be a grueling experience for many people. You leave your comfort zone and deal with carrying lots and lots of luggage everywhere with you, then there’s [...]

10 Places to Visit in Lucerne

When you are thinking about Switzerland, there are so many thoughts in your head. The Swiss Alps, chocolate, brown cows with white cosy spots on the body, picturesque views and [...]

2 Week Itinerary from Poland to Slovakia – Lublin-Krakow-Zakopane-Liptovsky Mikulas -Poprad
Photo credit: PolandMFA via / CC BY-ND

Day 1 Lublin Since you have only two weeks and there are much more interesting places than Lublin, I would not recommend staying here for the night. Although I would [...]

Top 10 Free Things To Do In St. Louis, Missouri
8323927410_e32b6ae95b_b Photo credit: scottspaeth via / CC BY-SA

The bustling city of St. Louis is a must-see for any art, history, or nature lover. Tourists can still experience the city without having to break the bank! Some of the [...]

5 Unique Places To Eat In St. Louis, Missouri
toast Photo credit: hippiecat via / CC BY

St. Louis is a city that shouldn’t be skipped over. You are sure to become famished while visiting the Arch, or running through the City Museum. Let’s skip the boring [...]