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Most famous myths about the Inka trail and Machu Picchu
machu picchu

There are many myths about Machu Picchu and the Inka Trail. In addition to the various legends kept by the inhabitants, there are also myths about them. To avoid any [...]

Most curious animals in the Peruvian rain forest
mono titi

Undoubtedly, the Peruvian jungle is magical and unforgettable in all its aspects. The landscapes that surround it, the food and typical dances. In addition, the great diversity of indigenous communities [...]

Top 10 Souvenirs From Croatia
8467724762_c5c733d2f7_z Photo credit:

The best thing to bring from any trip you go on are souvenirs that will make you think of that vacation whenever you pass by them in your home. Souvenirs [...]

5 Things To Do In Bahrain Whilst On a Business Trip
15293869708_769e9de046_z Photo credit: Tim Green aka atoach via / CC BY

Since the start of the 21st century many international business men and woman have found themselves in in the Middle East either trying to land, or catch up with clients. [...]

Where To Stay In Cambridge – 7 Hotels In The Best Locations
pic 1 Credit -

Cambridge, also known as University City, is known for its charming beauty; thanks to the weeping willows, Gothic buildings, and wide open spaces. It is the city’s unique amalgamation of [...]

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