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I’m a journalist and an enthusiastic travel blogger. I love reading, writing, watching movies and taking pictures: words and images attract me at the same extent. I firmly believe that journey is the most effective therapy for any existential turmoil. But (quoting Proust), for me traveling is first of all seeing the universe through the eyes of another. If I could choose how to live, I would always go around the world to describe what I see. I’m pursuing my dream with, starting from my home, Italy. My very first travel was in Turkey in the early Nineties. The last was in California, where I prepared my dissertation in film studies. :)

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Rome: unmissable places
Photo credit: CucombreLibre via / CC BY

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world: is there any need to say it? Ideally, you need to have a year to be able to fully [...]