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I don't believe in life without traveling! I went on my first solo trip abroad when I was 17, and was hooked ever since. Traveling for me is trying out new flavors, awing at beautiful architecture and nature, meeting new people, occasionally getting lost, but most importantly - discovering the wonders of this world. :)

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Top 5 Attractions to Visit with Kids in Madrid, Spain

My first trip to Madrid was rushed and unexpected; and the most unexpected part of it – last minute 3 of my siblings decided they wanted to accompany me, and [...]

Walking Tour in Ciutat Vella (Barcelona, Spain)

Shortly before my first trip to Barcelona, I purchased a travel guide – a good one, with detailed map of the city center, huge list of must-visit shops, museums and [...]

Barcelona (Spain) Off The Beaten Path

There is Barcelona of Gaudí – extravagant, imposing, and breathtaking. And then there is another Barcelona – a city bound by startling contrasts. Hiding behind the shadows of Gaudí´s skeleton [...]

Walking Tour in Raval, Barcelona, Spain
Photo credit: jorge zapico / Foter / CC BY-SA Photo credit: jorge zapico / Foter / CC BY-SA

Most tourists start their encounter with Barcelona at Plaza Catalunya – here, right before the entrance to multi-brand El Corte Inglés department store, cluster airport shuttle buses.  La Rambla is [...]