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Sneha believes in exploring the world, one place at a time. Born in Calcutta, Sneha has been to plenty of places and explored cultures and traditions of people and places to improve the horizon of her knowledge. She lives her life by the motto, 'If travelling was free, you would never see me again. :)

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What Makes Celebrity Cruises Special?

Cruising is an exciting way to travel that breaks away from the norms of road trips and plane rides. Sure, you could take a plane to the Virgin Islands or [...]

Top Activities For A Rainy Virginia Beach Day

Did you come to VA Beach hoping for a day in the sun only to be greeted by the crash of thunder?  Are you visiting on the off-season to avoid [...]

Trip Summary Slovakia And Poland 2018

General Flights– With LOT, they were purposeful and went smoothly. Do not forget to check in advance so you can sit together.   Rented car– EXPRESS (via RENTAL CARS). We [...]

Top Museums to Visit in Sweden
Photo by archer10 (Dennis) 107M Views on / CC BY-SA

Sweden is probably one of the most known Nordic countries in the world, and one of the most appealing for tourists. There is an array of different museums one might [...]

10 Must-Things To Do In Orlando At Night
Photo by elisfkc on / CC BY-SA

The City Beautiful may be best known as the home of Disney (which no Orlando experience is complete without), but there is so much more to Florida’s tourist destination than [...]

10 Must-Things To Do In Minneapolis At Night

One half of Minnesota’s famous Twin Cities, Minneapolis is best known as the home of music artist Prince and for its Skyway that offers protection from the bitter cold winters [...]

10 Must-Things To Do In Miami At Night
Ivan Curra [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Magic City in the south of Florida is well-known for its thriving nightlife. With activities ranging from nighttime tours to nightclubs and more, Miami is the place to be [...]

Exploring The Overall Best Exotic Destinations Around The World

Are you currently prepping for an upcoming family vacation? Or perhaps, you’re going to be traveling all alone? To ensure that your trip is going to be worth your money, [...]

10 Things To Do At Night In Denver
Photo by bradleygee on / CC BY

With a thriving nightlife and highly diverse culture, Denver is a must-see for any traveler. Well-known for its outdoor activities and beautiful views, The Mile-High City has plenty to offer. [...]

4 Hidden Gems Of Slovakia Tourist Guides Will Not Show You
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Before visiting Slovakia you might scan through a tourist guide, check out some websites or even get a guide of your own. As Slovakia is a small country, very often [...]

Top 10 Castles To Visit In Slovakia
Photo by richard-hutyra on / CC BY-ND

Slovakia has more than 300 castles, forts, fortified monasteries – some of them beautifully restored and the others that have fallen into ruins. You are never more than an hour [...]

Hotel Seeburg, Lucerne, Switzerland

Hotel Seeburg is a 3-star category hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland and has some of the most promising views to offer. Located in one of the most scenic areas, this hotel [...]

10 Fun Things To Do With Kids On Alaska Cruise!

“To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.” The quote couldn’t be any more convincing if you’re planning a vacation with your kids. [...]

Find Your Next Campsite With Roverpass

Do you love camping? Are you planning a trip across the country in your RV? If you enjoy the great outdoors and you plan to travel regularly, then RoverPass is a [...]

6 Lesser Known Yet Majestic Waterfalls, You Shouldn’t Miss!
Photo by Sarath.kuchi on / CC BY-SA

“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.” Well, obviously someone had a clue about waterfalls then. Safe to say, the world is full of secret and lesser-known waterfalls. Spotting them before anyone [...]

Here Is How I Planned My Trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands!

  My spouse is my second love, the first one being traveling! During my vacation this year, I planned to travel to the magnificent Andaman and Nicobar Islands. After a [...]

5 Landmarks And Places To See In Kiev

Ukraine is perhaps not the first destination that comes to mind when looking for a place to spend your vacation days this summer. At least this is what reading the [...]

Top 5 Clubs In Barcelona, Spain

1. Eclipse Club   Eclipse is my favorite night club in Barcelona. Even though I am not the biggest nightlife person, this place is just wonderful. It offers amazing views of [...]

Tips For Tourists Visiting Switzerland | Best places in Switzerland

Have you already bought a ticket to Switzerland? Feeling excited, right? No wonder, you are, for sure. In order to make your trip exciting and full of fun, let me [...]

Top 10 Things To Do In Geneva | Switzerland Cities

All Switzerland cities are beautiful but by its nature, Geneva is a particular place. As you’ll discover there is a fascinating array of things to do in Geneva, from the [...]

The Best Guide To Croatian Summer Festival Scene

Croatia during the summer is a beautiful place to visit filled with numerous activities and sightseeing locations that are a must see for any travel enthusiast. However,  Croatia is increasingly [...]

10 Places in Greece That Are worth Visiting

1. Cave of Zeus   Many people believe that Zeus grew up in this cave. People believe that when the ancient God of Gods was a little kid he spent [...]

10 Places Only Locals Know in Denver, Colorado

Founded in the 1850s, Denver is a popular spot for the locals. Food, entertainment, and the outdoors are few of the fun places locals love. Here are a few favorites [...]

11 Places in Tokyo Only Locals Know

Valerie Taylor Those who come to Tokyo will soon find themselves entranced by the neon lights and millions of people rushing by from every direction. Yet, while these places are [...]

Cheap And Free Sleep Options For Travelers Around The Globe

Traveling is the best way to know access self-confidence, believe in self, gain insight into different cultures, and meet new people. Not everyone travels due to the myth that you [...]

Why Is It Important To Hold Travel Insurance?

While planning a vacation we often come up with words such as adventure, romance, fun, entertainment, relaxation, and not accident, illness or emergency. Therefore, it is quite natural for many [...]

Understanding The Details About Choosing A Credit Card For Travel Benefits

Credit cards are playing a crucial role in today’s economy across the globe. People are using them to pay their grocery bills, electricity bills, purchase vehicles, and even sticks of [...]

Tips For Culinary Travels – Eating The Way Around The World

Traveling across continents and making pit stops at different countries give you the opportunity to fulfill all your dreams and curiosity. For many people, traveling is an adventurous activity with [...]

How To Find The Cheapest Flight To Anywhere?

Traveling is awesome, and you can experience a different world out there. We also know that it is tiresome and tedious to book the flights because of the repeated searches [...]

12 Effective Traveling Tips For Couples

Traveling with your partner or spouse can be real fun but it may also become a challenging trip for you. You get to spend more time with your loved one [...]

Different Ways That Will Help You Improve Your Travel Photography

You will not be surprised to see someone sharing his or her travel photos. Although not everybody takes a photo in their daily life, they do tend to capture and [...]

14 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Travelling With Family

Even if you are a pro at travelling, travelling with family is a different experience altogether. You have to keep in mind that there are people along with you and [...]

Top 10 Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Is it safe for women to travel alone around the world and stay safe? Yes! It is very much possible even if you are heading to developing countries, or do [...]

Technology And Traveling – Celebration Of Togetherness

Are you facing difficulty in choosing the required electronics for your trip? Well, you are not alone. We have evolved from carrying cassette player, which was the extreme important gadget [...]

How Can Travelling Change You Into A Better Person

People are always curious in understanding how travelling changes a person into a better being. Answering this question is simple for those who have traveled a lot. They can easily [...]

13 Ways To Brace Yourself Up When You Are Traveling

The one thing that you get to learn when you are a boy scout is “being prepared.” Apart from learning to tie knots, camping outsides, becoming a good citizen, playing [...]

Sixteen Ways To Save Money For Traveling

Bring more money into your life by following the sixteen steps described below. With the amount available to you, you can plan for a perfect travel itinerary, which will give [...]

Traveling Guide – How To Travel When You Are Broke

One of the favorite questions that I would love to ask anyone is that what they want to do with the money they earn or save. I love this question [...]

12 Things I Would Tell A New Traveler

I have been thinking about the things that are useful for a good traveler. These thoughts have propelled me to come up with the article that concentrates on making a [...]

12 Things That You Should Not Do While Traveling

Travel writers often express enthusiasm and the zeal about visiting new places, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people. However, they never talk about the important things that as a [...]