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Cafes In Belgrade Only Locals Know About
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Belgrade is an exciting tourist destination. Everywhere you go you will see a lot of tourist having a good time. But what if you want to get away from the [...]

Coffee Lover’s Paradise – Best Cafes in Switzerland |Best of Switzerland
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Did you know Switzerland has a really high rate of coffee consumption? There are lots of factories producing coffee blends. Machines and other items, you may even have at your [...]

Must Have Souvenirs From Switzerland | Switzerland Tourism

Vacation memories are priceless. Just remember seeing your old photos that take you back through time and make you remember the fun things you have experienced. Souvenirs can do the [...]

Swiss Castles With An Amazing View
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Switzerland is well known for its breathtaking views. It is also known for its neutrality throughout the centuries which has enabled the country to preserve its old cities, strongholds, and [...]

Top 10 Unusual Places to Stay in Switzerland
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Longtime travelers know how it feels like when a person gets tired of staying in hotels. Although many hotels vary in style and design, they are not that different at [...]

Places In Switzerland That Will Be Fun For You And The Kids Too
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When going on a trip with kids there are so many things that can go wrong. From getting sick to throwing tantrums anywhere you go, they can make you work [...]

Majestic Switzerland Castles You Need To Visit
Photo credit: Fawaz Al-Arbash via / CC BY

Castles are pretty common in Switzerland, and almost every city or village has at least one castle. In the past time when Switzerland did not exist, plenty of wars and [...]

Fairytale Like Places In Switzerland – Bring Some Magic Into Your Vacation! | Switzerland travel
Photo credit: vasile23 via / CC BY

You have probably already heard of the story about Heidi, an orphaned Swiss girl, who was so home sick that nothing could help her. Then a doctor recommended her to [...]

“Traditional” Does Not Have to Mean Boring and Old- These Festivals in Switzerland Will Prove it!

There is something magical in the Swiss Tradition. This multicultural country is proud of its heritage, so almost every festival cannot go without alphorn, flag- tossing, yodeling and cows. You [...]

Where To Go Hiking In Switzerland | Places to visit in Switzerland

The shortest answer- anywhere. Switzerland has a lot of hiking trails, and you will surely find one that will fit your expectations. And now for the longer answer.   Did [...]

Apps That Will Make Your Stay In Switzerland Stress Free | Switzerland tourist attractions

Even if you love what you do for a living, any job can burn you out. Vacations can help you relieve stress and take some time out for yourself. But [...]

All You Need to Know About Zurich Street Parade | Switzerland cities
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  It was the mid-1980s when people first heard of techno music. It emerged in Detroit, Michigan, and nowadays it has taken over the world. Even if you are not [...]

Stay On A Budget During Your Trip To Switzerland | Switzerland Tourism
Swiss mountains, nature, man

Even for people with deeper pockets, Switzerland can be pricey. The reasons for high living costs in Switzerland lies in their quality of service and a strong currency. High paychecks [...]

Festivals In Switzerland You Don’t Want To Miss| Things to do in Switzerland

If you like traveling and exploring, Switzerland will lure you in with its beautiful lakes that reflect perfect images of glorious mountains surrounding them. But there is more to Switzerland [...]

Swiss Cheese: Inside Out | Places to visit in Switzerland

No trip to Switzerland should go without trying some genuine Swiss cheese. There are more than 400 types of cheeses produced in Switzerland, and these are not the same as [...]

Places in Switzerland Your Inner Nerd Will Fall in Love With | Switzerland Travel Guide
Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar via / CC BY-ND

Do you have a particular Sphere of interest that other people find boring? Do you get overly excited when you read an article about the new DNA mapping methods or [...]

Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Switzerland | Switzerland Tourism

Although expensive, Switzerland tourism is booming and it is still one of the most visited European countries. If you have already planned your vacation and know which cities you want [...]

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