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All You Need to Know About Zurich Street Parade
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  It was the mid-1980s when people first heard of techno music. It emerged in Detroit, Michigan, and nowadays it has taken over the world. Even if you are not [...]

Stay On A Budget During Your Trip To Switzerland
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Even for people with deeper pockets, Switzerland can be pricey. The reasons for high living costs in Switzerland lies in their quality of service and a strong currency. High paychecks [...]

Festivals In Switzerland You Don’t Want To Miss
Photo credit: arianta via / CC BY-SA

If you like traveling and exploring, Switzerland will lure you in with its beautiful lakes that reflect perfect images of glorious mountains surrounding them. But there is more to Switzerland [...]

Swiss Cheese: Inside Out
Photo credit: yuriono via / CC BY

No trip to Switzerland should go without trying some genuine Swiss cheese. There are more than 400 types of cheeses produced in Switzerland, and these are not the same as [...]

Places in Switzerland Your Inner Nerd Will Fall in Love With
5927599923_2a4af2fe3b_b Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar via / CC BY-ND

Do you have a particular Sphere of interest that other people find boring? Do you get overly excited when you read an article about the new DNA mapping methods or [...]

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