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The Value of Travel

I have always been interested in people and their lives. The romances, the dramas, their day to day routines and apartments, their local community, even what they wear and why. [...]

The Real New Orleans Experience

“This can’t be it—” I shook my head slowly, staring at the dilapidated double shotgun style house in front of us. “Can it?”   My husband, Steve, came around from [...]

Moko Jumbie Magic

Do you remember seeing roadside air dancers, their pencil-like bodies and flailing arms ducking and diving as air is blown into them from a noisy generator as they promote something, [...]


I step out onto the sidewalk as a crowd moves slowly down the street. Not just any crowd. A protest. They proudly carry banners with their messages written in German. [...]

5 Underrated Destinations in Colombia

As Colombia is starting to draw in attention places like Cartagena, Medellín, el Tayrona, and Taganga are the new rave, and have made it to the top of everyone’s list. [...]

The Landscapes of Chuysky Trakt

My friend Jorrit and I had travelled on the Transsiberian railroad to Novosibirsk, and then down south on an overnight train to the Russian Federal Republic of Altai. Our plan [...]

Unconventional Travel Lifestyle

It’s been almost a year since I left behind the stable comfort of a full time job, a great apartment and the unique experience of living overseas. The best of [...]

Christmas In Rome

Christmas in Rome – just the idea sounds magical, doesn’t it? Imagine it: the famous Christmas Market in Piazza Navona, carolers strolling Rome’s narrow, cobblestoned alleyways, the Eternal City lit [...]

Top 10 Places in Jamaica

Jamaica is a small island in the Caribbean bursting with culture.  I’ve spent half of my life in this genuine paradise.  This is the land of my mother, and my [...]

My Favorite Zoos

Growing up in Nigeria, I get the “what are lions, and tigers, and gazelles, and so and so like” question quite often.  I always surprise people with my answer.  Tigers [...]

Brasilia’s 50th Anniversary

Whenever I’m asked which of my b’Earthdays was my favorite, I always like to say my 21st.  I was lucky enough to be in Brazil at the time.  I spent [...]

Heart Is A Drum

One night, when I was sitting with my friends Peter and Paula inside Tipi, playing music and eating homemade pizzas, Peter said that there’s a lake in Kahurangi National Park, a mini [...]

A Disaster To Marseille

I have lost count of how many times my sister nagged at me during our week in the South of France, about how expensive everything is and how it was me who wanted to come here and spend all our money. Truth be told, I had envisioned Marseille and Nice as incredibly romantic and sophisticated cities brimming with culture, beaches and oozes charms - but sometimes reality is not quite the same.

Not Your Average Museums in Japan

Usually when you think of a museum you think of the standard art, history, or science museums. Many places around the world have some fantastic museums, but Japan has some of the most unusual.

Interview About Hitchhiking With Adrián from

Tell us something about yourself: who are you? I am Adrian, a hitchhiker from Budapest, Hungary. I am a 25 years old “aboriginal” hitchhiker, whose favorite time spending is – [...]

Interview with Wiktoria of The Spoiled Queen

The Spoiled Queen is a fashion/lifestyle blogger and independent journalist with several years of experience in blogosphere, online media and TV. Wiktoria started her blog in 2010, having a strong urge [...]

The Jungle King Anecdotes amidst Sun, Shadows and More Wildlife

It was the first day of a meek sunny November in the year 2013, an idyllic morning, when we went on a spree to Bandhavgarh National Park 170 km from [...]

My Bulgarian Grandma by Nithin Coca

The cool, dry, fresh air whisked by my head as I dangled it outside the window, feeling the train chug forcefully towards the Bulgarian border. We were in the most [...]

Interview with Arpan Mandal of Good Old Boots

Arpan Mandal is a solo-backpacker from India. Apart from India, he has traveledthrough 15 countries in the last 5 years and when he is not travelling, he is either writing [...]

Interview with Aditi from My Dream Travels

In 2013, Aditi decided to pack her bags and start travelling around the world – solo. She is from India where solo travel for women is a rare concept and [...]

Interview with Mon From I MON Da Road

Mon is a Czech girl travelling around the world. One morning, she woke up to find she had booked a flight to Bankok the night before. She spent some time [...]

Interview with Dani from We Are Wanderers

We interviewed Dani from We Are Wanderers, who has been travelling on and off for three years and has recently created a blog to document her full-time travel adventures alongside [...]