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Viktor is a compulsive traveler. Being 22 years old he has traveled around Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia and Turkey. During the last 6 month, he covered more than 16,000 kilometers. Viktor is writing only about places which he visited himself, as he thinks there is no point of telling about places one hasn't seen. Only after you have felt the atmosphere of the place, you can share your experiences about it. :)

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Top 10 Museums of Serbia
Photo credit: V31S70 via / CC BY

We already wrote about museums in Belgrade, but Serbia has so many more museums that you can visit, and all of them offer something different and interesting. This post will [...]

Must-See Places In Bergama
Photo credit: Adam Jones, Ph.D. - Global Photo Archive / Source / CC BY-SA

Bergama is a small city having a very long story which started back in the Archaic Period. At that time, it was just a small a settlement, but by the [...]

Must-see places in Ankara

Being the capital of Turkey and second largest city after Istanbul, Ankara is the home to¬†almost 5 million citizens. The city is very significant for all Turks, as it is [...]

Unique Trip Along Turkish Black Sea Coast

Humid from frequent rains, green with tea and hazelnuts, the eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey (also known as Eastern Karadeniz) is a completely different place to visit. It is [...]

Most Charming Sights In Warsaw
Warsaw Market Square Photo credit: Jorge Lascar / Foter / CC BY

It is big. It is lively. It is romantic. You need to come here only once to completely fall in love with this city. No wonder that the slogan of [...]

Most Impressive Warsaw Museums
Warsaw National Museum

Being the capital of Poland, Warsaw can boast more that 100 museums. Actually, as in any city, most of them are quite dull and boring, with all those expositions of [...]

Most interesting places of Wroclaw
Photo credit: Adam Jones, Ph.D. - Global Photo Archive / Foter / CC BY-SA

Wroclaw is not just another Polish city. It is the largest city in western Poland, and widely believed to be the most beautiful city in the country. It has a [...]

Historical Stroll Around Krakow
Photo credit: Arian Zwegers / Foter / CC BY

Krakow is full of history, legends and stories. It is one of the few cities in Poland that remained untouched during the WW II. Actually, the Nazi troops wanted to [...]

Breathtaking One Day Trip In Lombardy, Italy

It is best to get acquainted with Lombardy beginning with the smaller cities, which retain the charm and beauty of the old times. It seems that the best place to [...]

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