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Serbia’s History In 10 Points
By ahmadharbbeykansezer - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Photograph #46726, Public Domain,

The Republic of Serbia has a great and interesting history. This landlocked country has many historically relevant neighbors which means that they themselves had a great part in Europe’s history. [...]

A Two Day Excursion In Serbia
(One of the amazing buildings in Subotica) || Photo credit: DávidSterbik Photography via / CC BY

Last year I went on an excursion in Serbia. It lasted two days and we visited many interesting places. Today I am writing this post about it because I want [...]

Traditional Serbian Cuisine: Top 10 Dishes
Photo credit: via / CC BY

Serbia is well known for its amazing cuisine. It offers many different tastes for the ones who visit them because they want to have a magnificent culinary experience. Today we [...]

Top 10 Historic Monuments In Croatia
Pula-Arena-croatia moarplease – Flickr

Croatia has a really rich culture and history, which means that it is full of historic monuments you should visit when you’re in this country. These historic gems are hidden [...]

Where To Stay When Visiting Croatia
Hotel_International-Zagreb Photo credit: Flammard

When visiting Croatia, thanks to the extremely developed tourism, you can choose from hundreds of hotels, motels, hostels, campsites and much more. Today we are going to give you a [...]