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Top 10 Free Things To Do In Zagreb
Photo credit: Miroslav Vajdić via / CC BY-SA

1. Take hiking tours   Get to the highest peak of Medvednica mountain called Sljeme. Sljeme is also the highest Croatian mountain peak. Medvednica is an ideal place for walking [...]

Top 10 Museums In Croatia

1. Muzej iluzija (The Museum of Illusions) Holograms, optical illusions and many other funny things are waiting to be discovered. The Museum of Illusions is located in the center of [...]

Famous Croatian Caves

1. Baraćeve Špilje   Baraćeve špilje is located about 6 km east of Rakovica (Central Croatia). There are three caves at one place and the main entrances are in the north. [...]

Famous Croatian Waterfalls
Fiore S. Barbato via / CC BY-SA

1. Rastočki Slapovi (Rastoke Waterfalls)   Rastoke is a small picturesque place near the city of Slunj, where two rivers meet, Slunjcica and Korana. Slunjcica river flows into the Korana [...]

Unusual And Weird Things To do In Croatia
Photo credit: MrSnooks via / CC BY-SA

1. Listen to the Sea Organ (Morske orgulje, Zadar)   The Sea Organ is a unique architectural achievement; it is an interesting and original mixture of architecture and music and [...]

Nightlife in Croatia
cinemacityfest via / CC BY-NC-SA

Croatia is a small country located in the Southeast Europe. Despite being small, Croatia became famous in the world because there are plenty of beautiful national parks, lands, mountains and [...]

Croatian Food Guide – 10 Local Dishes

Croatian cuisine has something for everyone, and here are the 10 specialties you shouldn’t miss.   1. Zagorski štrukli   Baked with cheese and sour cream, štrukli represents traditional meal [...]