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Best Bars and Pubs in Athens

1. Bar Noel

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The Noel Bar is located in the downtown area of Athens, more specifically on Kolokotroni Street. The interior of the place is really interesting and innovative. When you visit the bar you will feel like you are in a homely atmosphere. The menu is mainly influenced by the Mediterranean tastes. Here you can mainly listen to different styles of jazz music. All in all the bar is perfect for international tourists and guests of Athens.

2. Ippopotamos Bar

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If you want to see and visit the oldest rock bar in the capital of Greece – Athens, then you should come to Ippopotamos. Since 1978 the bar had been the place for relaxation for many tourists, students and guests of Athens. Here you can listen to many different styles of music and you can meet all kinds of people. The bar operates basically throughout the day so even if you are not a night person you can even come in the morning and enjoy some freshly made coffee.

3. Bar42

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Bar42 is my favorite bar in Athens. Here you can try a wide variety of cocktails and different drinks. There are so many unique drinks that you can try here, that you cannot even read all of them. Bar42 is located in Syntagma Area and it is pretty accessible for the tourists that visit Athens. This bar even has different styles of ice for your drink to choose from. The prices are also affordable, which is a reason for a great experience.

4. MoMix Bar

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”MoMix Bar”]
The MoMix Bar is a really unique place located in the capital of Greece. The MoMix offer all kinds of cocktails and drinks to its customers. The catch is that the cocktails and drinks can be consumed in different forms, mainly in solid substances. Sounds strange and unique, right? Well, a visit to this bar offers a spectacular experience to everyone. You will thank me later!

5. Galaxy Bar

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Galaxy Bar”]
On the top of The Hilton Hotel in Athens, Greece you can find probably the most classy bar in the whole city. The Galaxy Bar offers a spectacular view of Athens. Just straight across this bar, you can see the famous Acropolis. What better than a nice drink and a view of the most popular tourist attraction in Athens? Here you can try plenty of different drinks and snacks. The Galaxy Bar is basically a ‘must see’ attraction in Athens.

6. Baba Au Rum Bar

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Baba Au Rum Bar”]
Do you know that there is only one bar in Athens that is part of the top 50 list of the best bars in the world? Well, this bar is called Baba Au Rum and you will definitely enjoy your time here if you decide to visit this place. The bar is full of young people, this combined with wonderful options of different drinks and cocktails creates the perfect bar for every tourist. Do not hesitate to check this nice Athens’ bar – Baba Au Rum!

7. Brettos Bar

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Brettos Bar”]
We already talked about bars in Athens that had been operating for decades, but could you believe that the second oldest bar in Europe is actually located in the capital of Greece? Well for me it sounds normal since Athens is basically a city full of history. Brettos operates since 1909 and it is currently one of the most popular bars in Athens. All this combined with the fact that here you can try some great drinks, establishes a new checkpoint in your plan for the attractions that you should visit in Athens. The bar is also really colorful as you can see from the picture. Check it out without hesitation.

8. Gin Joint Bar

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Gin Joint Bar”]
Suntagma Square has a lot of bars and restaurants, but probably the most amazing bar around this area is the Gin Joint bar. The place is not really huge but is really nice. Personally, I was impressed not only by the cocktails but also by the interior of this place. As you can probably guess, most cocktails are with Gin. Still, even if you are not a fan of the Gin you can find all kinds of other drinks. If you want to drink some nice cocktails and if you want to relax from the long day, you can visit Gin Joint.

9. Gazarte Bar

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Gazarte Bar”]
Rooftop Bars are definitely popular in Athens. Example for that is the Gazarte Bar which is located in the downtown area of the capital of Greece. Here you can try some really nice food, combined with great drinks. The best thing about Gazarte is not the views that it offer, but the fact that here you can enjoy some live events. Check the schedule for the live events and visit Gazarte while you are on a vacation in Athens.

10. Alexander’s Bar

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Alexander’s Bar”]
We cannot speak about the bars in Athens and miss the top hotel bar in the world – The Alexander’s Bar located in the Hotel Grande Bretagne. The prices in this classy bar are not really cheap, but the experience that you get from visiting the place is amazing. The best part of the bar is the tapestry of Alexander the Great. The interior of the bar is just showing how classy is this place. We cannot describe the atmosphere with words, you should just see it by yourself.

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