January 29, 2022


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Best Hikes for Families in High Tatras

The Tatras mountains are beautiful and a must-see! Keep in mind the weather conditions and wear appropriate clothing! It is best to hike in the morning because of changing weather conditions. Hiking always comes with risks, so make sure that you are stocked with food, water, and some bandages! It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Pleso translates to Lake in English!

1. Tatranská Magistrála

Photo by kosaphoto on Foter.com

Here, you will be able to see beautiful mountains, as well as many waterfalls. This is the ideal hike for your family! Start at SnackBar Hrebienok, which you can easily get to by a lift.

The costs are 9 Euros for adults, 6 Euros for children 6-12 years old, 8 Euros for children 12-18 years old, and free for people over 60. From there you will take the red trail(number 1) and green trail(number 7) towards Skalnatá Chata. This is a short hike, but you will cross two beautiful waterfalls flowing through the mountainous valleys. Don’t forget to look up and admire the massive mountains above! Walk the trail until you reach Obrovský Vodopád. From there you can turn around and go back the way you came!

2. Stroll around Strbske Pleso

Photo by Dushan and Miae on Foter.com

This trail is a very short, yet beautiful walk. It is easily accessible by car, and the whole family will be able to admire the beautiful views the lake has to offer. Just drive to Strbske Pleso, which is easily accessible on navigation apps, and there will be plenty of space to park! You can easily make a day out of this by having a picnic, going to eat in a restaurant nearby, or renting a boat! There are many more options for those who are looking for fun in the area!

3. Strbske Pleso to Jamske Pleso

This short hike starts at Strbske Pleso. From there take the red trail(number 5), which heads towards Jamske Pleso, your destination. It will take a little over 1 hour to arrive, with a distance of roughly 5.2km. You will be able to admire the lush vegetation everywhere you turn! There are no considerable vertical changes, but the path can be rocky! Enjoy the lake by taking a picnic! Once you have arrived at the destination, you can head back the same way.

4. Strbske Pleso to Popradske Pleso

Start at Strbske Pleso and head towards Popradske Pleso. The trail is marked by the red sign(trail number 2). This hike a relatively simple 6 km walk. You will be surrounded by the lush green forest, which makes for some amazing photos! Say cheese, or ‘syr’ if you want to say it in Slovak. The trail is well maintained, with stairs and rails where they are needed. There is roughly a 200m vertical change and it is estimated to take 1.5 hours to complete(one-way).

5. Podbanské to Kmetov Vodopád

Jerzy Opioła, via Wikimedia Commons

Drive to Vysoke Tatry-Podbanske. From here start on the trail that leads to Kmetov Vodopad, which is the biggest waterfall in Slovakia, at 80 Meters high. The waterfall itself is a spectacular view, not only the way there. The trip should take 2 hours for each direction, with a 300 Meter vertical change. Keep in mind that this walk may be for older children because it isn’t the easiest of options!