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Tips For Tourists Visiting Switzerland | Best places in Switzerland

Have you already bought a ticket to Switzerland? Feeling excited, right? No wonder, you are, for sure. In order to make your trip exciting and full of fun, let me give you a couple of tips to remember while visiting this perfect destination.

1. Arrival-Airport

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The best and fastest mode of conveyance to go from airport to your hotel is a train. SBB train system allows you to visit all the best places in Switzerland with minimum stress and maximum enjoyment. Tickets for the train can be purchased at the airport, in specific blue ticket-machines. The machine has more than three interface languages, so your task is only to know the exact destination and have ready cash or credit card. All the routes of trains can be checked before coming to Switzerland by using website The Platform gives access to the schedule of various routes and provides ticket prices. You get an advantage of planning your budget prior arrival.
Buying ticket is one crucial step. You also need to know that most of the tickets can be purchased for the whole day. So, it means you can choose the most convenient time for your trip and catch the train with right destination during the whole date stated in your ticket. you can find the train schedule on the big blue dashboard at the airport, or any other railway station.
Next step is to be on time so please mark the time stated on your ticket. Switzerland is known for its punctuality and this is really true. Be sure to come on the platform at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of train’s arrival. Remember, nobody will wait for you, even if you will be running on the platform when doors are already closed.

2. City

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The best time to explore the city is on weekdays or Saturday. If you are planning to visit museums or something alike, note that their schedule may really differ depending on the day. Sunday is a day off for all shops and sometimes it may happen that only one supermarket is working for the whole city, usually on the train station.

3. Money

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Now here comes the most interesting topic when it comes to traveling. Just to say in one word-expensive. Starting from the transportation and ending at food. you will need to spend quite a lot for visiting the best places in Switzerland. The cheapest ticket for a train will cost you approximately 7 Swiss francs (CHF) one way. If you want to travel from one city to another it will take you at least 40 minutes and the ticket will cost 20 CHF. The average receipt after buying basic food (milk, bread, fruits, meat, cheese, eggs, juice, cookies etc) is 40 CHF. There are many nice places for dining in Switzerland. So, if it is your plan, be ready to pay for: salad, soup (7-15CHF), meat/fish/chicken (20CHF-35CHF), dessert (5-15CHF). Pizza will cost you around 18CHF. Coffee/tea normally varies from 4 to 8 CHF per cup. One glass of wine may cost you 8 CHF, a cocktail price is about 12CHF. Beer and aperitifs about 6 CHF. Do not worry about tips-they are already included in your bill, about 15%.
Just be ready to spend money here!

4. Security

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Switzerland can be called a safe country. However, there have been many cases of petty thefts. Keep your bags close to you in public places. Even when you are visiting the best places in Switzerland never leave them on the train seats while you are going to the restroom for 2 minutes. In most cases, police will not find your things or just documents without electronic devices/money.

5. Shopping

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Zurich is full of different luxury and average clothes brand. Depending on your budget, there are two best ways to shop here: in a period of discounts or by going to an outlet in the Italian part of Switzerland, Lugano. Prices for clothing are a bit high when compared to the standards they hold and it does not make any sense to pay 15CHF for a T-shirt of low quality. I do not want to give you a negative mindset, just preparing you for the Swiss reality.

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