Best Places To Workout In Zagreb

Going on a holiday can be a grueling experience for many people. You leave your comfort zone and deal with carrying lots and lots of luggage everywhere with you, then there’s the public transportation. It can be quite the pain.  Especially if you are a fitness fanatic and need your daily „pump“ to make it through the day.

Why should working out be a problem just because you aren’t at home at your local gym? Other countries have gyms and street workout parks, too. You just need to find the best ones that suit your needs, have the best offers and the most reasonable prices. So if you end up traveling to Zagreb, you should definitely check out these gyms and workout parks.


1. Sparta Gym Zagreb

Sparta is a bit secluded, located in the „Oranice“  part of town, it offers a plethora of ways to work out. It has various group training sessions like MMA, kickboxing, all the way to various weight lifting and cardio oriented programs. But that does not mean it lacks in the standard weight lifting department. Quite the contrary, it’s one of the biggest gyms in Zagreb(having two floors) and offers a lot of workout equipment. Free weights, isolations machines, battle ropes, power sleds, platforms for Olympic weightlifting and many, many, many treadmills.  It should really be pointed out that it’s location is a bit secluded and going on foot to it can be a pain. However, if you have Uber installed on your smartphone, everything is a short cab ride away.


2.  WorldClass Fitness

Worldclass doesn’t have location issues because it is located in the very center of the city in the „The Westin“ hotel. It offers the state of the art workout equipment with the usual free weight and dumbbell set up you would see at your local hometown gym. It also offers group classes in a separated room, which if it’s not taken at the moment you’re there, can be used to let off some steam on the punching bag. Its main selling point is its pool and sauna, which is a sight for sore eyes after a hard training session or a long night of partying.


3. Jarun’s Street Workout Park

Moving away from commercial gyms a bit, we arrive at the famous street workout park located on the shores of Zagreb’s „Jarun“ lake. It’s a traditional place for fitness enthusiasts of all age and gender to work out at Jarun’s park. As a street workout park, it has all the usual things you would find at such a park. Several pull-up bars of all heights, parallel bars, ladder bars and even some heavy tree trunks with handle bars which can mimic dead lifting or even Olympic lifting.  The fact that Jarun is swarmed with fit women of all ages during warmer days is also a very good reason to go and workout on Jarun.


4. The Sava River Dam

Sava’s river dam is a very popular place to go for a run. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, it always has people running from one side to another, or from one bridge to another bridge. If you are looking for something simple like a place where you can go and run, this is the place to go.


5. CrossFit Superbia

The fitness sensation that is Crossfit, has gotten a hold on Zagreb as well. Superbia is one of the best(if not the best) Crossfit boxes in Zagreb and it offers your standard Crossfit style workouts. Its website boasts that they are the biggest and the most well equipped Crossfit gym in Zagreb so if you like Crossfit, you should definitely give Superbia a shot. However, it’s location could be a bit tricky as it is located in „Špansko“ part of town which doesn’t have a lot of public transportations  near by, but just like the case with Sparta, it’s just a short Uber ride away.


6. Gyms4You

„Gyms4You“ is first of its kind in Zagreb and in Croatia. It’s an international chain of commercial gyms which work 24/7. Meaning they are open at no matter what time you enter. Another cool thing about „Gyms4You“ is that they have multiple gyms in Zagreb and in several other Croatian towns. So when you get your entrance card, you can use it to visit any other „Gyms4You“ gym in the neighborhood.  Looks wise, they are pretty straightforward commercial gym. They have free weights, cardio machines, stretching mats and isolation machines. Basically everything you would want or need from a gym.


7. American Top Team

The world famous MMA academy and training center opened its only European subsidiary in Zagreb. They offer top notch martial arts and MMA training services with various head coaches and fighters and many other  group based fitness programs.


8. Bowling Club Zrinjevac’s  Street Workout Park

If you find yourself running on Sava’s river dam, you should check the Zrinjevac work out park. It’s located on the children’s playground, behind the bowling club Zrinjevac’s alley. It’s completely free and just like with Jarun’s park many people come there to get a quick sweat. Combine it with a good running session and you just covered all the basics of a good workout.


9. Fitness Center Forma

Located in Zagreb’s very center, on Hebrangova street, „Forma“ is a great place to get a good workout and do group training. Their staff is a team off highly knowledgeable and skilled individuals that will answer any and all of your questions you may have. They have a regular training room with weights, equipment, and cardio machines but they also have a separate room where take group classes like Muay Thai, Kickboxing and other fitness programs like p90x.

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