January 16, 2022


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Best Things To Do In Greece Over The Weekend

We have all heard of how Greece is hailed to be the real bliss of romantic islands. Anyone who has ever been to Greece would tell you about the touch of love which you are sure to feel in this European abode.


Simply being here and walking hand in hand with your partner on the white sandy beaches will make the insides of your heart melt and give you the fairytale story you may have always dreamt of as a little kid.


So, if you are planning to hop on to a plane and head to Greece, we are here for you with some of the best things to do in Greece over the weekend. Trust us, with these activities you are surely going to have the vacation you shall never forget!


1. The Acropolis

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The Acropolis is known to be the true iconic symbol of the Greeks. It truly dominates the skyline of Athens. If you are into the marvels of architecture, this is one place you need to behold for its staggering beauty and the unmatched colossal grandeur.


When you are exploring the beauty of Acropolis, you should surely keep an eye out for the Parthenon which is one of the most visually appealing of all structures. The whole structure is made of glistening marbles which lend it an ethereal charm. Also noteworthy is the famous statue of Athena who was the goddess of Athens and thereby a revered figure.


Take your time exploring this massive structure as it is lined with pathways which means that you can take a leisure stroll around it and have a fun filled time.


2. The Santorini View   

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We have all seen and admired and even fell in love with the postcard perfectness of the town of Santorini. It is by far one of the most majestic of all Greek beach towns.


It is also hailed as the island of Thira and a lot of honeymoon couples can be spotted here who steal perfect love moments right amidst this beautiful idyllic town. The traditional and trademark Cycladic homes set it apart and the azure blue background of the sea along with the churches and the blue dome makes for a majestic photography point.


If you want to have a lazy romantic weekend doing nothing but enjoying some passionate moments of love, the best thing you could do is walk the meandering lanes in this beautiful city and make the warmest of memories to keep you hot on long cold winter nights.


3. The Samaria Gorge

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You must have heard of Samaria Gorge, isn’t it? This scintillating gorge is located on the stunning island of Crete and it spans as much as 16 kilometers. It is one of the best weekend activities for those who have a thing for trekking.


If you want to cover the whole section, the trekking could go on for as long as seven hours. The scenes which you will get to see while traversing this gorge are surely the one to die for. So do not forget to click too many perfect shots which would make your Instagram account look super hot!


4. The Mount Olympus

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Another such activity which is meant for those who love to hike, climb and do a ton of activities. The Greek mythology has managed to fascinate too many people and if you are one of them; there is absolutely no way you can miss out on this stunning piece of architecture and culture.


There are a lot of people who aim at climbing this mountain and you will need to reach Litochoro first if you aim to do so. If you dig the books of Greek mythology, you will find that Mount Olympus is the place where Zeus sat on the throne. It also happens to be the place where Hades had ruled the underworld. So, the whole journey of climbing this mountain will let you feel that you are living the story of these legends.


5. The Melissani Cave

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If lakes and tunnels seem to be your kind of thing, this is a great utility for the weekend when in Greece. This cave is located very close to Karavomilo and the cave is known to exude an astounding level of unmatched beauty. The length of the cave is nearly 4 kilometers and it was formed over centuries by the action of water over soft rocks.


When you venture inside the cave, you will find the Melissani Lake. Taking a ride on the boat and traversing the depths of this cave is the kind of activity which you are sure to enjoy. Once again, keep the camera handy as the pictures are going to be mesmerizing.


6. The Greek Food

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


When in Greece, how can you not fall prey to the perfect cuisine of the country? Every region comes with its own specialty and we recommend taking a bit and a slice everywhere to find out what seems to satisfy your taste buds the most. The Greek cuisine is known to be sociable and something which you are bound to get hooked to. From their mezze comprising of olive and dips to the best of natural ingredients, you are surely going to wish to savor more and more of them.


You can find plenty of fine-dine restaurants and even some local eateries which will give you finger licking food! So, gorge as much as you can and of course raise a toast of the best wine for your weekend to remember!


The whole of Greece seems to resonate too much of beauty and no matter where you go, you are bound to marvel the traditional architecture and how they easily blend with the stories of the past. Even if you are not a huge fan of art and architecture, the place has a way to trap you in its beauty and make you admire them!