January 16, 2022


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Best Things To Do In Nuremberg Over The Weekend

Nuremberg is a truly beautiful city, much different from what you may find in, say, Berlin. With cobbled streets filled with beer halls, rich history, complete with colors, amazing views, and amazing shops.


Once called the “most German of German cities”, Nuremberg is the perfect city to visit, even if it’s just for a weekend.


Here are our top picks of what you can do in 48 hours in the wonderful city of Nuremberg.


Day 1 – Begin the morning with a walk up to the castle

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


We suggest going in the morning to miss the potential of a busy crowd – it is a tourist hot spot. On your walk up, you can pick a cafe to get a strong coffee, if you need to – there are lots to choose from.


Although a steep walk up to the castle, you won’t be disappointed. Nuremberg castle looks like a scene straight out of a fairy tale, with signposts (in English) along the way, you might even discover really interesting information.


The castle also treats you with amazing scenery – what better way to begin your Nuremberg visit than with a miraculous view of the city from above?


This is the best way to begin your weekend.


Make your way to the Old Town

Fred Romero, via Wikimedia Commons


Nuremberg’s Alt Stadt is just breathtaking. Called ‘Germany’s best-kept secret’, you can only expect to be pleasantly surprised.


Not only is this beautiful little location an amazing place to take some photos, but there are also lots of places to see and look inside too. Our favorite spots in the Old Town are the Nassauerhaus, St. Sebaldus Church and the Mauthalle.


Also, right next to the entrance, there’s a small path that will lead you towards cute little shops, cafes and a beautiful green area. Maybe that’s the best-kept secret? Don’t tell anybody.


Do some shopping

Photo by EuroSlice on Foter.com


What better way to end your first day in Nuremberg than with a shopping trip? The most beautiful thing (in my opinion) about Nuremberg is how the old and the new superbly coexist together, something that not many cities can achieve so well.


Nuremberg is filled with designer, high-street, independent and souvenir shops that will be good for your soul, albeit bad for your pocket. Don’t forget to visit some of the very classic German shops, you might just find something that you truly adore.


Day two – A day of history

Germanisches National Museum|| Picture Credits: Tuxyso, via Wikimedia Commons


It would be quite silly of us not to mention Nuremberg’s bitter-sweetness. Although a gorgeous city, it’s past is not so pretty. A big chunk of Nuremberg is quite hard to swallow – specifically the Nazi Party Rallies which took place in the city and the Nuremberg trials.


We won’t give too much away, but Nuremberg, as a city, paid a big price for the Nazi’s and was destroyed. It has been rebuilt superbly now, but quite admirably, Nuremberg doesn’t try to hide its painful past.


Instead, you can visit where the Nuremberg Nazi Rallies took place, take a guided tour through the Nuremberg Nazi trails, visit the Way of Human Rights and the Germanisches National Museum. You can even witness the oldest surviving globe for yourself – it doesn’t feature America as Europe wasn’t aware of its existence in 1492. Fascinating.


No doubt, this will be an extremely interesting, thoughtful and eye-opening way to spend your day.



Schöner Brunnen|| Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Once you’re finished with the museums, you might want to do something a bit more light-hearted. The answer? Sightseeing. Here is just a selection of our favorites.

  • Love Island – particularly nice if you’re traveling with your significant other. Equally just as nice if you want a place to laze around.
  • Schöner Brunnen – Translated it means ‘beautiful fountain’, for obvious reasons. This architecturally stunning 14th-century fountain is one of the most popular attractions in Nuremberg. Legend has it, a man inserted a golden ring into the lattice of the fountain, to impress his darling’s father. Now, it is said to make your dreams and wishes come true. It’s worth a try.
  • The Executioners Bridge – The story goes, the town’s executioners lived in the house at the end of the bridge, apparently, relatives of those convicted would beg at the end of the bridge in a desperate plea to make their loved one’s death painless and quick. Dark, we know.


Places to eat in Nuremberg



You’ll need to catch a few bites to eat when you’re wandering around Nuremberg. The good news is, you’re spoilt for choice – you can find traditionally German treats as well as international dishes. Here are our favorites.

  • Albrecht Durer Stube – If you’re looking for classic German food, this is your best shot. Still run by the same family as it was three generations ago, you’ll be able to find sausages, steaks, fish and everything else typically German.
  • Padelle d’Italia – Craving an Italian? This is our favorite spot to get some amazing pizza, pasta, and wine.
  • Prison St Michel – This is a luxury restaurant, serving gourmet French food. This is a great way to treat yourself on your weekend visit.
  • Bratwurst Röslein – One of the largest bratwurst restaurants in the world. It has 600 seats, a bear garden and serves amazing food.


Must-visit shops in Nuremberg

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


We have to mention a selection of the shops that you just cannot miss out on. Here they are

  • Galerie Parfum
  • Die Kleine Eismanufaktur
  • Thomas Sabo
  • Pfiffikus
  • Spieleladen Holzkopf


We hope this guide helps you when you’re in Nuremberg. It’s a bustling city with so much history, adventure, and exciting new events. You’ll want to come back for many more weekends.