August 15, 2020


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Top 5 Tours in Belgrade

1. Ibikebelgrade – bike through the city!

Ibike Belgrade
What better way to get to know a city than to roam its streets with a local? Cycling in Belgrade is exciting and fun!
Depending on where your interests lie, your iBikeBelgrade tour can be focused on different aspects of Belgrade! Are you interested in Belgrade’s tumultuous history? Or do you want to know what the Serbian version of an OG is?
Romans, Attila the Hun, Ottomans to Nazis (and many more in between) have left their mark on this beautifully, defying city. Remnants of different time periods are remarkably still present in modern day Belgrade and sometimes, even its proud inhabitants, are left unaware of how much history is lurking behind some of their favorite spots in the city.
If you want to visit Belgrade’s own Montmartre where Belgrade’s finest of the art world, gathered, in undisputedly the best of taverns. Or if you’re waiting for something to blow your mind, we’ll definitively stop by the second largest Orthodox Church, St Sava. For a quick rundown of Belgrade’s complex, 7.500 year old story, we recommend the City Center tour.
But if you’re more interested in recent history, consider the Riverside tour. On the Riverside tour, you visit Zemun. What is Zemun? It’s an old, Austria-Hungarian village. Yes, a part of Belgrade belonged to Austria-Hungary. As we warned before, Belgrade has a complex personal story. If you’re in luck and the sun is out, then you’ll be biking off to a beautiful island of Ada. This tour will showcase some of the raw reminders of Belgrade’s past, such as ruins from the bombing. If you want to understand modern day Belgrade and its lively inhabitants, this is the tour for you.
Can’t choose between these two tours in Belgrade? iBikeBelgrade offers also a Grand Belgrade tour, that combines the City Center Highlights and Riverside tour, in one whole day! So you can be at rest knowing that you won’t miss a thing. Your guide will share not just history, but also some urban myths, a unique perspective of the locals living in Belgrade as well as some tips for the rest of your stay: which bars/restaurants and places to visit or avoid.
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2. Yugotour- Driving around in the ”Worst car in the world”

Yugo tour
What you get on a Yugotour is an opportunity to learn all about Yugoslavia, a country that is no more, Yugoslavia’s communism and the charismatic leader, Tito, the man behind the curtain. You will learn all that, from the backseat of a Yugo!
If you’re not acquainted with what a Yugo is, then let us set the scene for you.
When Belgrade became the capital of Socialist Yugoslavia, workers and youth built New Belgrade. But it was communist fashion to build long, impressive boulevards using huge building blocks. So the best way to actually see these buildings is by car. And the best car to do so is the one made in the communist time: the Zastava 101! If you are a design lover, and you want to see crazy architecture and / or urban planning definitely contact Yugotour!!
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3. Street Art Tour

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Alternative and exciting, Street art tour is a perfect choice for those who want to explore the city in a different way. You will learn about the artists creating in Belgrade and also get to know the hidden meaning behind the graffiti. You will see how street art is evolving and making Belgrade unique city that it is today. If you don’t want to go on classical tours in Belgrade, this will be just the right thing for you.
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4. Food & Culture

“Learning by doing”, or in this case eat your way through Belgrade!
Food & Culture offers to take you to restaurants, bakeries and green markets, in order to expand your senses to Serbian cuisine and explore the culture and history of Belgrade in a very tasty manner
You will get to visit local’s favorite spots, mingle with Belgraders and talk about life in this heartwarming city.
This tour is immersive as it gets, you will learn the proper way to say cheers in Serbian and drink rakija, how to order a song in a kafana and much more!
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5. Photo Tours

Are you an avid fan of photography? Taking a cool photograph is so much more than knowing how to set up settings on your camera. A big part of photography is knowing your surrounds and waiting for a perfect moment to capture.We all want to transfer our dear mementos and memories of friends we’ve acquired abroad to a photo that will become our most important keepsake. So, if you forgot to take your camera on other tours in Belgrade, this one will definitely help you fill your photo album!
Photo Tours is there to guide you through hectic Belgrade and help you capture its vibrant and colorful way of life.
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