Cheap And Free Sleep Options For Travelers Around The Globe

Traveling is the best way to know access self-confidence, believe in self, gain insight into different cultures, and meet new people. Not everyone travels due to the myth that you have to be financially independent and wealthy. Of course, not everyone can travel, but you do not have to be rich to travel. You can travel comfortably and in an affordable manner, especially if you are capable of finding alternative accommodations that are cheap and open doors to the local world.

Travel becomes expensive if you want it to be.

We often assume that hotels are the only accommodation options that we have when we plan to travel out of the country. In many cases, it is true. However, in reality, you have many more options that will reduce your accommodation expenses by over 70%, and in some cases, you do not even have to spend even a penny! Let us look at the different options that we have today, which help you in reducing your overall travel expenses.

1. Hostels



Hostels have always been a haven for budget travelers. However, of lately, the growing demand for them from different age groups has propelled them to maintain a decent standard and yet offer accommodation for as low as $15 per night. Usually, hostels have bigger rooms where they accommodate more than four people. Yes, you will be sharing the room with others, but that is the essence of the place. You get to socialize, learn insights about the place, meet other travelers, and sleep for a price that you never imagined you could find one. A few hostels offer simple breakfast a nominal fee. Depending on your stay, you can request to include it in your package where you can ask for a concession. If you are vacationing with your mate, you can find those hostels that have few private rooms with a simple atmosphere.

2. Short-term rentals



They are the hot trend in the travel world! Short-term rentals fall between homestays and vacation rentals. With the help of the internet and websites such as Airbnb, you will rent a room in the local’s house. It could be a cottage, a studio apartment, or even a private house. Of course, it becomes expensive if you are traveling alone, but there is still an opportunity to find houses that hold single travelers. You will be breaking the traditional hotel staying and gain the chance to see the place through the local’s eye. You even learn and share experiences from the host. If you an extrovert and love to meet new people, and do not mind spending in a stranger’s house, short-term rentals are your thing.

3. Religious housings



Monasteries and convents offer affordable lodging for travelers. However, you may not find them at every place. Make a search on the Internet to see if there are such places at the destination that you are planning to spend your holiday. It is suitable for those who would prefer privacy and would like to receive a warm welcome with no questions asked. These religious housings are clean, calm, and promise a wonderful atmosphere. However, do remember that they have certain rules to follow, especially with the timing. If you are a late-owl, then you will miss sleeping in your room.

4. Academic housings



Many universities open their student dorms to the visitors when they declare vacation to the students. These are basic accommodations and are quite affordable. You may have to share facilities, though. A few websites maintain databases of such universities. Nonetheless, it is worth searching over the internet to contact campuses directly to see if there such offerings for the period that you are planning for your trip.

5. Farmstays



Farmstays cover anything from working on the ranches to milking cows. However, you do not have to participate actively. But, if you are interested in such activities and enjoy spending time with the lovely countryside people, feeding lambs, and working in the barn, then farm stay is just for you. You will receive a warm welcome, healthy breakfast, and a place to stay. What more! You will even learn a couple of things such as making cheese. Farmstays are popular across Australia, New Zealand, and European countries. Dig the Internet to see more information on this type of affordable accommodation.

6. Camping



Well, not everybody is into camping, but it offers a magical experience. If you are with your spouse, you sure do have a reason to make her fall for you. Spending beautiful nights under the stars, and cooking over the campfire is a wonderful experience and the cheapest travel accommodation on the list. If you are worried about the mosquitoes, you can then choose luxury tents, or cabins, which are an excellent way to spend memorable moments if you are heading to the campsite with your loved one.

7. Home exchange



Home exchange is probably the best way to explore a new destination. As the name says, you will be exchanging homes with another couple from a different destination. They are growing in popularity in the recent years due to the Internet and through word-of-mouth marketing. It is quite hard for many people to opt for this because of the security reasons. However, you have to remember the point that even the family in exchange trusts you with their house. Websites that provide the database of people who are ready for home exchange indulge in various levels of security measures and verification procedures. You will receive all the comforts of the house, without paying any additional amount. It is like a home away from home. If you are uncomfortable with swapping the houses, you have to pass this and consider better options as explained above.

Traveling comfortably and yet paying very less is possible with the various methods as detailed above. Of course, selecting any of the accommodation is purely your choice and the budget you decided to spend for the accommodation. However, remember that saving money on your accommodation will be helpful in utilizing the same funds for many more things on your trip. Therefore, the next time you plan for your holiday, consider the options mentioned above that will save you a lot of money.

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