January 24, 2022


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Coffee Lover’s Paradise – Best Cafes in Switzerland |Best of Switzerland

Did you know Switzerland has a really high rate of coffee consumption? There are lots of factories producing coffee blends. Machines and other items, you may even have at your home. Not only a good coffee will give you the energy you need, it can also make your day better. On the other side, a bad cup of coffee in the morning can make your day a nightmare. The most popular coffees in Switzerland are: Cafe crème (coffee with cream), Kafi Luz (coffee with schnapps) and café mélange (black coffee with whipped cream)

1. Café Noir

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Café Noir”]
Coffee Selection is quite simple so don’t expect to get any kind of fancy “coffee” here. Ambient is pleasant and the staff is very welcoming. The prices are fair, given that this café is located in Zurich, and they start from 4 CHF for an espresso. This café roasts its own coffee and bakes different pastries to go with the coffee, so you can expect everything to be fresh here. When you order your coffee, you will be also given an option to choose if you want regular or soy milk, or regular or decaf coffee. Locals seem to praise this café’s decaf so make sure to try it. After you have had your coffee, see what else you can do in Zurich

2. Viverra Coffee

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Viverra Coffee”]
Paintings hanging on the walls make a lovely atmosphere and can serve as a conversation starter. It is a gallery and café, and after the first taste, you will recognize the artistry in the coffee making. Amazing café with reasonable prices you can go to and not fall into a tourist trap. It is a perfect place for a breakfast. Coffee, croissant and orange juice- can it get any better? See more attractions in Geneva

3. Adrianos Bar & Café

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Adrianos Bar and Café”]
It can be a bit difficult to get a seat here because this café is mostly packed full in the morning. Locals like to come here to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and fresh pastry for breakfast. Each morning you can see as the workers unload a new batch of fresh pastries, and the smell of it will lure you into the café. Although it is small, this place is worth waiting for to be seated and get your morning caffeine fix. After a coffee here, you will get the energy you need to explore Bern further.

4. Home Barista Shop

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Home Barista Shop”]
Locals and tourists describe this place and one of the best places to have a cup of coffee in Aarau. Wide selection of coffee and beans will please everyone’s taste. In addition to choosing the beans yourself, you can also choose the brewing method your coffee will be made with. Staff is so professional that you can even describe what kind of coffee you would like to have, and they will make it happen. Check out the places you do not want to miss in Aarau

5. Caffè Bartolomeo

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Caffè Bartolomeo”]
If you find yourself in Italian speaking parts of Switzerland, you can be sure you will easily find a good coffee place. This café is cozy and informal. A great place to relax without all the hassle of dressing up. Their coffee is amazing, and the interior is designed to make you feel at home. Tourists love this place not only for great coffee and food but also for multilingual staff ready to make their guests feel pleasant.

6. Café Frühling

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Café Frühling”]
A retro café that offers a great choice of coffee. Among the usual brews, you can also order Hairo filter coffee, Aeropress, and cold brews. If you have never heard of them, make sure you try them. Coffee beans are roasted in their roastery, and their coffee is so aromatic, you will know when you are getting near this café.

7. Café Arcas

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Café Arcas”]
This café is perfect for an afternoon coffee break. The service is fast and lots of locals come here to chat over a cup of espresso or tea. Mid-ranged prices and beautiful interior might make you stick longer than you have intended, so make sure to keep a track of the time. In summer you can sit outside and enjoy the sun and a beautiful view over the Arcas Square.