A day in Škofja Loka, Slovenia

Škofja Loka is known as the best preserved medieval Slovenian town and maybe the most beautiful as well.


But to decide which town is the most beautiful – you should see them with your own eyes. Škofja Loka offers a lot to every visitor and every taste!


How to get there?

By car: 25 km from Ljubljana.

By bus: from Bus Station Ljubljana there are buses to Škofja Loka almost every 30 minutes (36 minutes to go). Also, there is a bus connection with Žiri, Železniki, and Kranj.

By train: from Ljubljana, Jesenice and Kranj.


When you arrive at Škofja Loka, you will be instantly impressed by beautiful late Gothic hall-building – the Šentjakob (Saint Jacob’s) Parish Church. It’s hard to imagine Škofja Loka’s panorama without this mighty bell tower: it draws your attention from afar!


Your journey begins at Capuchin’s bridge, a prominent entrance to Škofja Loka’s Old core and Loka castle above, as well as the Selška Sora river.


The Selca Town Gate is a remnant of what used to be town defensive walls with five town gates and now there’s only an arched passage.


The Church and Clarice’s Nunnery were constructed in 1358 and got its present Baroque look after a devastating fire destroyed most of Škofja Loka, causing its renovation.


Škofja Loka Castle or Loka Castle is a nice and smaller castle great for those who want to get to know Slovenia outside the usual tourist points.


Žigon’s House was built in the 16th century as a residential and commercial house. In the present day, it’s a home to town administration.


One of the most noticeable buildings on Škofja Loka’s Town Square is The Old Town Hall.


When you stroll through the medieval core of Škofja Loka, you can’t miss the Mark of Mary column, located on the Upper town square (Mestni trg), opposite of The Old Town Hall.


Granary (Kašča) is one of the best preserved medieval buildings in Škofja Loka, an impressive structure, concealing an underground restaurant. It has a shape of an irregular rectangle, with 2 doors and 39 windows.


Return to the Town Square, where you can have a look at the Homan House, one of many prominent buildings in Škofja Loka. Homan House used to be a community mansion established in three buildings.


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