Discovering Samal Island in the Philippines



I made up my mind, I needed a break from my 8-5 pm job in the US. I sold everything, boxed up my belongings and  flew to the Philippines and started to feed my wanderlust appetite. The Philippines has 7,107 islands, ahhh island bliss. Quiet, warm waters, magnificent marine life and a simple, tropical lifestyle. It’s even better because most of these islands, are traveller pocket friendly. For my first adventure, I visited Pearl Farm Resort in Samal Islands. Pearl Farm is more towards the high end resorts of the Philippines, I recently arrived in the Philippines and decided to splurge for my first island visit. Samal island is in the city of Davao, an hour and a half plane ride from Manila, the capital city. In Davao, take a 45mins catamaran boat ride to Samal islands. Pearl Farm is one of the known resorts in Samal. Surrounded by white sands, serenity, ocean pitched villas, and pristine beaches with colorful marine life perfect for snorkeling.


Island travel

Island travel


Pearl Farm Resort offers the calmness of a secret island. The resort is equipped with a variety of water activities from diving, snorkeling, jet skiing & any watersport of your heart’s desire. Pearl Farm packages are all meals inclusive, enjoy the infinity pool and the Parola bar offering splendid views of the sunset. At night they set up a teleprompter for movies at the beach, bean bags and lounge chairs are sprawled in the sand, where you could hear the calming waves while watching a movie.  My days in Pearl Farm was complete bliss of  snorkeling, enjoying the scrumptious meals, a sunset drink, movies at the beach or a healing massage in the spa. Visting Pearl Farm was definitely a pleasant intro of my island hopping adventures here in the Philippines. If ever you find yourself here in the Philippines, with a budget of 300 USD, Pearl Farm is definitely worth a visit.



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