December 3, 2021


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Eating your way through Soca valley

Food plays an important role in our lives. We even have a proverb that says: »“The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach”. In 2009 Soca valley won an award title European Destination of Excellence! Taste its excellent food through the brand new gourmet tour!

Kanal ob Soči – let’s sip a coffee in a local gostilna
Eating your way through Soca valley tour starts in Kanal ob Soci. It is a small town in Lower Soca valley world-known for bridge jumpings which are taking place every second weekend in August. After exploring the picturesque town and taking photos of the famous Kanal bridge, Gothic house, Bohinj Railway/Transalpina and last gorges on Soca river, you deserve a coffee. Why not sip a coffee like a local in a local gostilna close to the most preserved Neptun’s fountain in Slovenia? Due to its pristine environment, Kanal with its surrounding areas hosts many beekeepers who won prizes for their outstanding bee products, and cheese makers as well.

Tolmin – Mrs. fatty frika and craft beer 1713
Tolmin area is known as festivalley due to so many festivals that are taking place every year. Thanks to its rich dairy heritage (It is a home of Tolmin cheese, a product with a designated origin), more and more local people are aware of preparing local dishes based on dairy products. Local inns and gostilnas in Tolmin area are serving mouth-watering sirnica (cheese soup) or skutnca (cottage cheese soup) traditional dishes you should taste when in Soca valley. Who doesn’t know frika? Well, frika (the word derives from Italian word frico) is a fatty dish that consists of age-old Tolminc cheese from cow’s milk, eggs and potatoes. There are as many frika varieties as there are housewives J.
Because frika is so full of fat, you need to sip a glass of craft-brewed beer.
The story behind locally produced craft beers (Greedy Emperor, Cheating Tax Collector, Bloody Executioner, Rebellious Peasant) is amazing. When visiting Tolmin area in September, don’t miss Frika festival. Stretch your legs and visit Tolmin gorges, magical gateway to Triglav National park, or chillax at Sotočje, festival hub in Soca valley.
craft beer

Bovec – čompe an skuta, Bovec cheese and krafi sweet dessert
Even though Bovec is famous as an outdoor mecca (hiking, biking, MTB, rafting, canyoning, zip lining, and much more) you should stop in local gostilnas and taste their local delights. Bovec basin is surrounded by high Alpine peaks. Harsh Alpine weather, lack of cultivated land, high-altitude sheep pastures and pear trees in the valley brings special flavours into the local cuisine. Čompe, in local dialect means potato, are eaten together with savoury sheep cottage cheese. Empress of Austria and once the first lady of Europe Marija Teresa, who quite often visited Bovec region, ordered to plant pear trees so that people in the far western corner of the monarhy would have something to eat. Tasty sweet dessert krafi are traditionally eaten by locals on the Christmas eve. Still some place in your stomach? Bovec sheep cheese is produced from the milk of autohtonous sheep, a symbol of Bovec area which are grazing on Alpine pastures.
tolmin and bovec cheese

Kobarid – local speciality Kobarid dumplings and chef Ana Ros
Locals from Soca valley has been enjoying eating good food for a long time. Little charming town of Kobarid, worldwide known in the historical books for 11th battle at Isonzo front, is becoming an uprising star on a world culinary map. There are 5 local inns within Kobarid Gastronomic Circle and each of them serves Kobarid speciality, Kobarid dumpling (Kobariški štruklji) their own way. Each Kobarid dumpling has a special signature. A culinary festival called Jestival takes place in Kobarid 1st Saturday in October where you can meet local chefs. And famous chef Ana Ros from Hisa Franko, who was filmed in Netflix’s Chef’s table Season 2, will be there. Have a short walk to Kozjak waterfall, one of Slovenia’s most picturesque waterfalls, and on the way back to explore Dairy museum.
kobarid dumplings
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