Essential Things To Pack According To Nomadic Travellers

Nomads, modern hobos, wanderers, explorers – they go by a myriad of names and who are they? People who are homeless by choice, who travel full-time with little to no money in their pockets to see the world and not let life slip through their fingers – to die without regrets.


We asked them what they consider the single most important thing they carry and why in order to create an insightful guide on what to pack for those embarking on a long-term trip. These were their answers, so grab a pen and take note as these are the ultimate hardcore travelers.

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“The most important thing I used to carry was my brain, but I lost it somewhere during my travels. Because of that, I don’t carry anything valuable anymore! More seriously: I think my tent is quite important as it solves accommodation problems. The rest I don’t count as necessary because I know I can buy whatever I need on the way.” – Tomasz


“The most important thing would be a sleeping bag. If you have a good waterproof one you can use it almost anywhere including outdoors in nature. I have been traveling for 5 months and I’m always happy I decided to carry one.” – Robert


“Passport, because, come on…” – Vincent


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“The most important thing I carry is my credit card because no matter what I forgot to pack, I can buy it somewhere. It is not really the idea of travelling on a budget, but you asked for my opinion, haha…. I’ve been travelling since I was born and on my own since the age of 15.” – Markus


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“A couple of things I pack on every trip: headlights, a pocket knife, earplugs and a sarong. Oh, and my mp3-player, the only thing I would ever miss from back home is my music. I’ve been on the road for 8 months now.”


“Passport, because it is your entrance ticket to other countries.” – Voodoo


“Passport and a bankcard. Without it you cannot travel or get access to money – the rest is by definition, extra.”
“A water filter, because in some countries potable water is not an option unless you pay for a bottle and it can get quite expensive on the long run. I also enjoy wild camping and sometimes drinking from rivers and other bodies of water is necessary.”


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“I have this massive blanket/towel type thing and ever since I had it, don’t go anywhere without it. Kept me warm during Yellowstone Nights, used it as a towel on the beach, it was my whole camping gear during EXIT & Sea Dance festivals, I’ve even worn it on some occasions and it is great” – Jesse


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