We asked them what they consider the single most important thing they carry and why in order to create an insightful guide on what to pack for those embarking on a long-term trip. These were their answers, so grab a pen and take note as these are the ultimate hardcore travelers.

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“The most important thing I used to carry was my brain, but I lost it somewhere during my travels. Because of that, I don’t carry anything valuable anymore! More seriously: I think my tent is quite important as it solves accommodation problems. The rest I don’t count as necessary because I know I can buy whatever I need on the way.” – Tomasz
“The most important thing would be a sleeping bag. If you have a good waterproof one you can use it almost anywhere including outdoors in nature. I have been traveling for 5 months and I’m always happy I decided to carry one.” – Robert
“Passport, because, come on…” – Vincent

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“The most important thing I carry is my credit card because no matter what I forgot to pack, I can buy it somewhere. It is not really the idea of travelling on a budget, but you asked for my opinion, haha…. I’ve been travelling since I was born and on my own since the age of 15.” – Markus

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“A couple of things I pack on every trip: headlights, a pocket knife, earplugs and a sarong. Oh, and my mp3-player, the only thing I would ever miss from back home is my music. I’ve been on the road for 8 months now.”
“Passport, because it is your entrance ticket to other countries.” – Voodoo
“Passport and a bankcard. Without it you cannot travel or get access to money – the rest is by definition, extra.”
“A water filter, because in some countries potable water is not an option unless you pay for a bottle and it can get quite expensive on the long run. I also enjoy wild camping and sometimes drinking from rivers and other bodies of water is necessary.”

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“I have this massive blanket/towel type thing and ever since I had it, don’t go anywhere without it. Kept me warm during Yellowstone Nights, used it as a towel on the beach, it was my whole camping gear during EXIT & Sea Dance festivals, I’ve even worn it on some occasions and it is great” – Jesse
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