Famous Croatian Waterfalls

1. Rastočki Slapovi (Rastoke Waterfalls)


Rastoke is a small picturesque place near the city of Slunj, where two rivers meet, Slunjcica and Korana. Slunjcica river flows into the Korana river and creates dozens of small lakes, rapids, and waterfalls. The most famous waterfalls of Rastoke are Vilina Kosa, Buk, and Hrvoje. Due to its architectural, ethnographic and natural values, Rastoke has been enrolled in the Registry of immovable cultural monuments for more than 40 years. Around the beautiful waterfalls, there are a couple of households where you can rent a room to stay one day longer so you can have more time to enjoy the natural beauty of Rastoke waterfalls. Rastoke is located on a way to the Adriatic coast, so it is a perfect place to relax and gain some energy for a journey ahead.


2. Veliki Slap (The Great Waterfall, Plitvice Lakes National Park)


The Great Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Croatia and it is a part of the Lower Lakes of Plitvice Lakes National Park. Due to its beauty and supremacy, the Great Waterfall is considered to be the most beautiful waterfall of all the other 16 falls in this national park. Plitvice Lakes is definitely one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe that presents the whole conglomeration of waterfalls and lakes. Caves, forest, meadows, streams, rivers, and waterfalls of Plitvice, as well as interesting species of flora and fauna, attracts tourist from all over the world. The experience is truly unique, especially in the winter when everything is magical and covered in ice. The magic of the Lakes lasts for all seasons, so you are welcome anytime!


3. Skradinski Buk (Krka)


Skradinski Buk is the biggest waterfall of the river Krka and it’s one of the famous Croatian natural sights. It is located at the very end of the river. Precisely, near Skradin, as its name suggests. Buk is actually a cascade that consists of many beautiful smaller waterfalls and azure lakes, which are perfect tourist attractions, especially in the summertime when you can relax in the refreshing water of the lakes. Here you can find gastronomic facilities and souvenir shops, so be sure to buy a thing that will always remind you of this unique natural beauty.


4. Slap Krčić


Slap Krčić is a 22-meter-high waterfall in the north of the Knin field, where the river Krčić rides into Krka river. It is also called Veliki Buk or Topoljski Buk. This place is a truly unique natural phenomenon, with its deep and picturesque canyon and everyone comes here to enjoy and relax. Slap Krčić has its own legend; sometimes there was a fortress on the hill which served to defend the bridge. The legend says that people will rebuild the bridge once the river never runs dry again and people stop fighting with each other. Near slap Kričić there are bicycle tracks. So take your family for a hand and come to discover this beautiful and relaxing ambiance.


5. Roški Slap (Krka)


Roški Slap is the sixth waterfall on the river Krka. It’s located in the Krka National Park, about 36 km downstream from the source of the river. What makes this waterfall so special are dozens of small cascades and numerous effluents.


Like Skradinski Buk, Roški Slap is also known for numerous watermills where you can find ethnographic collections, souvenir shops etc. If you want to know more about wheat milling process, Roški Slap is a perfect choice.


Above the Roški Slap there is a cave (Oziđena šilja); a favorite attraction that is surrounded by a beautiful vegetation. Oziđena špilja is an inevitable part of Roški slap, from where you can enjoy a unique view of the river Krka and its rapids and cascades.


6. Zarečki Krov


Zarečki Krov is one the biggest waterfalls in Istria. This is actually a spacious cave reminiscent of the roof over which Pazinčica river in its course creates a ten-meter high waterfall and a lake almost 10 meters deep. It’s one of the most interesting natural attractions of the Pazinčica valley. All these waterfalls of Pazinčica river have this characteristic shape and a cave under the waterfall.


Downstream from the Zarečki Krov, there is another cave and a waterfall called Pazinski Krov. During the summer, this is an ideal place to relax, refresh yourself and to enjoy all of this beauty.


7. Slapovi Mrežnice (Waterfalls of the river Mrežnica)


Mrežnica river is one of the most interesting natural watercourses in the Croatian karst. Its canyons, waterfalls, springs, and mills truly attract with their presence and history. Within the river Mrežnica, there are more than 90 waterfalls that cross the river creating mutually flowing parts of the river. Although, none of these waterfalls’ height can compete with the waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes or Krka waterfalls, their uniqueness, and the variety of forms make them interesting, special and worth a trip.


8. Veliki Slapovi Žumberka (The great waterfalls of Žumberak)


The great waterfalls of Žubmerak is a name of the five largest waterfalls of Žumberak mountain. All waterfalls are located in the Žumberak National Park beside one waterfall, Cerinski Vir. The largest and the most famous waterfall of Žumberak is Sopotski Slap, near the Sopot village. It is 40 meters high and consists of three cascades. Another thing that makes it so special is a fact that it’s located at a very high altitude; 700 meters above sea level. The great waterfalls of Žumberak are very popular among climbers, cause it’s hiking trails are well maintained and a walk through this magical forest is a truly unique experience.


9. Slapovi Zrmanje (Waterfalls of the river Zrmanja)


Over an hour from Šibenik, there is another pearl of Croatia, Zrmanja river. The river is usually called ‘the beauty and the beast'; it can become so turgid that makes her one of the best places for rafting cause it turns into a real beast! Adrenalin lovers will be thrilled for sure! But when it calms down, this river is a breathtaking beauty. Peace and quiet, for tourists who came to refill some energy, especially during a winter. With dozens of waterfalls and places to relax, this is a nice place for family gathering or trips.


10. Kotli


Kotli is a small picturesque place located in Istria, near Hum – the smallest town in the whole wide world. Everything is mystical like you are in a fairytale. The river named Mirna flows through the village and creates beautiful limestone waterfalls that end in ‘steamer’ (kotao). The term ‘steamer’ is used for a place under the waterfall where the water is mixed in the natural pool. During the summertime, the water in a ‘steamer’/’kettle’ is warmed very quickly, so tourists often come here to swim in a natural jacuzzi. Colder rapids of the river Mirna are also a great refreshment. These benefits are equally enjoyed by children and adults.

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