January 16, 2022


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Top Restaurants In Fremantle You Should Book In Advance

Fremantle is a popular destination rich in local culture and has many attractions that are a delight to discover. Beyond the remarkable tourist spots on its sleeve, Fremantle is starting to attract more and more travelers because of the amazing restaurant scene that’s blown up over the last few years. To get into the best restaurants these days, it’s super important that you book in advance to get the reservation you desire and to avoid disappointment.


We’ve teamed up with the local experts at Be. Fremantle apartments who have been kind enough to share their hot tips on the top restaurants around Fremantle. 


1. Bathers Beach House


Most travelers visit Fremantle to enjoy the many stunning beaches it offers. If you’re around the area, make sure to book a reservation at the Bathers Beach House so you can enjoy the amenities of the restaurant without leaving your beachside lounge chair. If you can’t take the heat of the sun, you can also eat your meal inside the restaurant while enjoying the stunning views of the beach. The restaurant is the first ever beachfront restro and bars to get a liquor license in Australia.


2. The Raw Kitchen


Established in the 1920s, The Raw Kitchen serves plant-based dishes, giving customers healthier options while still enjoying the food they eat. The restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian cuisines, gluten-free food and organic dishes.


One thing that makes this remarkable among modern food hub in the city is that its dishes have rich flavors without compromising its health content. The blend of modern restaurant and historic building exemplifies each dining experience which makes every visit worthwhile.


The Raw Kitchen not only brings people together to dine but is also a lifestyle, store, yoga and studio hub.


3. Bread in Common


If bread is what you’re looking for, Bread in Common has everything covered for you. This bakery ranks high for best restaurants in Fremantle as it is known for producing the best bread you’ll ever taste.


Their secret? Each bread is baked in a woodfired oven! If you’re on a gluten-free diet, say no more as Bread in Common has a variety of bread and sandwiches that you can enjoy without worry that it will ruin your way of life.


Indeed, Bread in Common is a must-try attraction and anyone visiting Fremantle should pay a visit and try their mouth-watering bread, sandwiches, and pastries.


4. The Mantle


The Mantle has become the new favorite destination for eating and drinking. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience suited for those who can’t decide what to eat. The Mantle was constructed in a historic warehouse where you can feel the stories and anecdotes it holds for hundreds of years while you enjoy your meal.


The Mantle has multiple restaurants, bars and a kitchen where the preparation of different food is taking place. Whether you’re looking for local Australian dishes, Asian-inspired dishes, or authentic Italian pizza, the Mantle ensures you that you get the taste you’re craving for.


5. Manuka Woodfire Restaurant


Freo is not only popular for its Australian cuisine but also draws attention to other dishes such as Italian food. If you are into authentic Italian food, Manuka Woodfire Restaurant will surely satisfy your cravings. The main attraction in this restaurant is the famous Woodfire pizza baked in a woodfire oven, using locally harvested produce and other ingredients.


Manuka is not only famous for its food but is also known as a great place if you want to try local drinks, such as local beer and wine. If you are interested in paying a visit, make sure to have an advance reservation done to avoid disappointment because the place is a visitor favorite.


6. Propeller


Propeller is a popular urban dining venue for its exceptional brunch, especially during the weekends. Reservation is a must in order to make sure to get in. Propeller offers Middle Eastern dishes with an Australian interpretation.


Propeller also serves gluten-free options, vegetarian and vegan selections, and craft beer. In fact, you can order local and international drink favorites alongside your meal. The restaurant has a lively ambiance which is the main reason why a lot of travelers loves coming back.


7. Char Char Bull



Fremantle is known for its best waterfront experience and the best way to maximize this experience is to dine at the Char Char Bull. The restaurant’s best-selling dishes include pork belly and crispy fried squid. Char Char Bull is situated on the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, allowing you to dine on the deck terrace while enjoying the view. It is an award-winning restaurant; it serves only the best meals, giving you the best deals for what you’ve paid.