January 21, 2022


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Frequently Asked Questions About Berlin Attractions – Berlin FAQ

How is the Public Transportation in Berlin?

Berlin has an efficient public transportation, which is economical and punctual. You won’t find any ticket checking machines at any of the train stations. They follow the honor system. However after buying the tickets, validating the ticket is important. Sometimes tickets get randomly checked by plain clothes controllers. So ensure that you have a validated ticket always.
On buses, you are required to show your tickets to the driver and the entrance is generally from the front door.
Tickets have the same validity for buses and trains. You can either buy them on the bus or at stations. Make sure that you know the zones you are traveling to. Mostly its AB, BC and ABC (for Potsdam and Schönefeld airport).
Besides this, for tourists especially, its cheaper to buy day tickets or Berlin WelcomeCard. Later offers you a discount on many sightseeing tours.

Where can I go shopping?

When on a trip, shopping becomes an integral part. Shopping abroad feels exciting. The best part is that in Berlin you can easily shop as most of the shopping areas are located next to some attractions: many- Alexanderplatz, Kurfürstendamm (KaDeWe), Mall of Berlin near Potsdamer Platz, Friedrichstrasse much more.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Mall of Berlin” onclicklink=https://tripedia.info/top-10-places-to-go-shopping-in-berlin/]
Berlin is also famous for its flea markets. Click on the below links for more details:

For which special events is Berlin famous?

The capital offers something for everyone in the field of art, music, dance, business etc and is famous for start-up companies and related events. Berlin is also a host to many other cultural events and shows that happen throughout the year and gain international attention. Few of the highlights that the city offers include- Carnivals, Berlinale international film festival, Operas, Museum Insel festival, Berlin Marathon, International Berliner Beer festival etc.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Berlin’s captivating Festival of Lights” onclicklink=https://tripedia.info/attraction/berlins-captivating-festival-of-lights/]
You need to research beforehand for buying tickets to a particular show.

Where can I enjoy Berliner cuisines?

The döner kebab, currywurst, and Berliner doughnut are all synonymous with the city. These should be best enjoyed at street food vendors at very low prices. Now coming to the traditional German cuisines, there are many restaurants where you can have Schnitzels, Eisbein, sauerkraut and other varieties.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Vom Einfachen das Gute” onclicklink=https://tripedia.info/10-places-in-berlin-to-go-eat/]
Click on the below link to find the finest eating outlets:

Best recommended hotels for tourists

Depending upon your preferences, Berlin gives you all types of choices for your accommodation ranging from budget friendly, mid-range to luxury hotels.
However, apart from hotels, you can also choose hostels or holiday apartments (Ferienwohnung) in the outskirts for saving a good amount of money. You are most likely to get a heavy breakfast buffet, except in apartments, the fee is obviously included in the rent.

Berlin points of interest

The city is a hub of politics, culture, science and business. It is renowned for its historical and cultural flairs. There is a lot to explore and you might run short of time to complete everything during your visit. We have included below all the major highlights that the city has in terms of museums, landmarks, parks and forest, palaces etc.
Don’t forget to view our link on “top unusual things to do in Berlin”. This will give you the insights of what the localities actually do in their leisure time. It’s a guide to feeling the local culture of Berlin.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Museum Island” onclicklink=https://tripedia.info/top-10-must-see-museums-in-berlin/]

How is the weather in Berlin?

July is the hottest month here with an Avg temp. of 18 degrees C and the coldest month is January (-1 degree C or below). It witnesses snowfall from mid-December until march. Spring and Autumn seasons are mostly chilly or mild. So ensure you are having good winter wears even in these two seasons. The June month receives maximum rainfall (Avg. up to 71mm), hence it is the wettest time of the year.
The best time to visit the place is April until October when the weather is mild and not so chilly. But for exploring German Christmas markets, you need to come in December.

What about the nightlife of Berlin?

With a multicultural population of youngsters, the nightlife in Berlin is very active. You will find a lot of happening nightclubs around the areas like –Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain. Some are little hidden, so you might need to ask locals for the directions.
Don’t expect much crowd in clubs before 12 or 1 am, as the nightlife usually begins late here till the next morning.

What special souvenirs I can buy in Berlin?

There are many souvenirs you can buy here to retain your Berlin memories or for gifting. You will find many exclusive souvenir shops eg that of pedestrian traffic light symbol (Ampelmann), Buddy Bears, Eat Berlin and other small street vendors.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Miniature souvenirs” onclicklink=https://tripedia.info/top-10-souvenirs-to-buy-in-berlin-germany/]
You can find the best souvenir ideas in the below link: