Go. See. Do – Verona

Verona is a city located in Northern Italy popularized by Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet – It is here where the story was set. It is located about an hour away from the more popular city of Venice but it is still a wonderful stop over with tons to see and do! I have to say – I arrived here without having any clue what to expect and the plan was to stay for just one day before heading to Austria but I ended up staying for three more days as I fell in love with the city instantly.


1. Visit Castelvecchio

Visit this gorgeous castle built for the Scaliger family in the Middle Ages. Today, it is a museum displaying wonderful sculptures, ancient weapons, paintings, ceramics and more!



2. And while you’re there, don’t forget to cross the bridge!

While in Castelvecchio, don’t forget to check the bridge adjacent to it. Built to provide the family an easy escape in case of rebellions or attacks from powerful neighbors such as Venice.


3. Admire or even catch an Opera concert at the Arena

The Arena di Verona is one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters, originally used for games but now used to host Opera concerts!


4. Explore the Scaliger Tombs

A group of five Gothic tombs built for the Scaliger family, who once ruled the city.


5. Gaze outside of Juliet’s balcony at Casa di Giulietta

Look for your Romeo in the house where Juliet was said to live!


6. Stroll around and dine in Piazza delle Erbe

Full of history – Piazza delle Erbe is the must go to place for a nice outdoor dinner or café!


7. Climb up to the top of Torre dei Lamberti

Located in Piazza delle Erbe, Torre dei Lamberti is a delight to see and climb.


8. Visit the Roman Theatre

While not as impressive as the Arena di Verona, the Roman Theatre, located riverside is still worth a visit!


9 . Go to the Basilica di San Zeno

Built in dedication of St. Zeno with a lot to see in and around it!

10. Admire the Verona Cathedral

An astouning piece of Romanesque architecture featuring style from later eras as well.


11. Get out of the city and visit Lake Garda

Leave the bustling city and spend a day relaxing by Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy!


Written by: Daniela R.
Updated: July 17, 2015