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Are you looking to submit travel guest post on Tripedia? Or Want to be featured on Tripedia? Would you like the world to know about your hotel/restaurants/rentals or whatever it is that you want to advertise? Reach out to us and let our readers know what it is that makes your country or city so great! Give us a befitting reason to advertise you on our esteemed travel portal and we would be happy to assist our readers with your details!


Do you love narrating your experiences of travel to different destinations? If yes, why not let everyone know what your experiences were. Do not limit your stories to relatives and friends, but make the information useful by sharing it with the world.


If you know how to make your stories appealing and your travel an example, write a travel guest post (travel tips +”write for us”) on our website. We will feature your travel guest post to various social media websites and you can become a star by only writing one story.


To do so, all you will need is a written post with images and links. We will do the final editing and your post will go live. There are certain guidelines to write content and include the images and links to your post. In case you do not comply with the pre-requisites of the post, the entry will be disapproved and won’t be published.




Guidelines for Writing Content

Your content must be new. If it is copied or has been published before, it will be rejected. You must write at least 800 words of content and can go as long as 1000 words. Also, remember not to use promotional content while making your post. You can include one link to the post and three images. Your content must reflect the personal touch of your travel experience (Listicles welcomed). We will have the editorial rights on the content and it will go through an approval process (if the edits are more than minor changes) before the changes are included. No changes would be allowed after the content goes live.


Stay away from plagiarism or else, the content will not be approved for going live.


We would also promote the content on various social media platforms.


Guidelines for Images

Images are also subject to a few restrictions. You must include 2 to 3 images in the content and no more than that. The images must pass all the copyright tests. They must be high-quality images with at least 800 px width.


Guidelines for Including Links

Links to Wiki, Nat Geo and others may be included as per the requirement. If you cannot do that, we will take care of it. Apart from these references, one link of your choice is permissible to be included in the post. It could be a post written on your blog or the one you wish to promote. However, the referenced links must be live in the past 6 months.


Who All Can Submit Guest Post?

If you are passionate about traveling and love to weave your experiences in an interesting format, this platform is for you. You can write about your travel experience or specifics about a destination that may help others to plan their holidays.


Contact us to get more details now!


Keep in mind :

  • We are after quality content. In return you get a <no follow> link only
  • Free of charge for a limited time.
  • Preferred is a list format – with 10 items, 100 words on each.
  • Total at least 1,000 words
  • Awesome content required, see examples of what we expect :

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