Guidance On Choosing A Security Company when Away on Vacation

Ensuring your home is safe when away on vacation is important and we’ve got guidance on the things to look for from your security company – take a look.


Take Stock Of Your Home Security Needs


The first step in finding a security service that will meet all of your needs is determining exactly what those needs are. Get started by reviewing how your home currently stacks up in the security field. Are you looking to add an alarm system? Do you need to replace (or improve) the locks on your doors and windows? Are you looking for someone to educate you in active ways to protect your home (e.g. self-defense instruction)? The right security provider is going to vary depending on exactly what you’re looking for. Once you have a thorough understanding of your needs, you’ll be better prepared to take full advantage of the resources available to you.


This is also a good time to check with your insurance company. You may be eligible for discounts on services from certain preferred security firms. Ask if you can get a discount on your policy for taking certain security steps, like installing an alarm system.


If an alarm system is what you need, decide whether you want to go wired or wireless. Also, you’ll need to choose the way the system is monitored: via cellular signal or via standard phone lines. The equipment required for wired systems is somewhat cheaper, although rewiring expenses may wipe out any potential savings you’re looking at.


Wireless systems are usually easier to install, and they also offer you full protection even if your home loses electrical power. Standard monitoring is also the cheaper option, but it relies on physical wires that could be damaged accidentally or maliciously. Cellular monitoring is more foolproof, but it may involve an additional monthly expense.



Study Your Options


After you’re clear about the sort of services you’re looking for, it’s time to build a shortlist of potential providers. Begin by checking online and in your local phone book for security firms in your area. You’ll want to do some background research on your own before contacting any of these companies; you should be able to verify the integrity of a reputable company independently.


Check how long a security firm for alarm response has been working in your area. How is their history of customer satisfaction? Have there been complaints lodged against them by dissatisfied customers? You can find this sort of information in multiple places. Try reading online reviews, checking with the Better Business Bureau, and contacting your local Chamber of Commerce or consumer protection agency.


Look at a company’s qualifications carefully. Are they licensed and certified? Do they belong to professional organizations? What are their policies regarding employee training? To gather all the information you want on this score, you’ll need to start talking directly to the security companies in your community.


Find out whether the firm you’re talking to handles both installation and monitoring or if they rely on a third party to provide monitoring services. You’ll want to find out more about any separate companies that will be involved in meeting your security needs.


After you’ve identified a few trustworthy firms in your area, your next step is to set up consultations. You shouldn’t have any difficulty getting a service representative to visit you at home to assess your needs, provide professional advice, and work up a cost estimate.


Make sure you understand what’s included in the quotes you receive, and ask about long-term contracts – most services prefer to sign you up for one or two years.



It’s risky to pick out a home security service without researching your options. Remember that there’s a lot riding on this decision: These are the people you’ll rely on to protect your possessions, your safety, and your family. By learning everything you can before picking out your security provider, you improve the odds of matching up with the best possible choice available to you.

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