Halloween Special: The World’s Most Macabre Attractions

With Halloween just around the corner (does Halloween make you more excited than Christmas like me?!), things are beginning to get spookier and spookier. We have selected some of the world’s scariest locations to inspire you to pack your bags and explore at least one this Halloween. Trick or Treat?!


The Skull Chapel

Located in Czermna, Poland, this innocent-from-the-outside-looking chapel holds macabre secrets inside. The chapel’s walls are decorated with three thousand skulls and its basement holds the bones of about twenty thousand people.


City of the Dead

Even though it looks like a tiny settlement, the houses here are in reality, a necropolis that is seldom visited even by the locals as legend has it that whoever goes in, never comes out.


Capuchin Crypt

With bones nailed to the walls, skeletons hung in the ceilings and piles of bones lining the floors, the Capuchin Crypt is one of the most macabre attractions in Rome. Many describe their visit as morbid and revolting even though the Catholic church insists it should be seen as a silent reminder of our own mortality.


Akodessewa Fetish Market

Voodoo trinkets R Us. Anything you might need for a voodoo ritual, you can find here. From leopard skulls to monkey feet to crocodile tails.


Hanging Coffins in Sagada

Coffins hung on cliffs in order to move the spirit of the deceased closer to their ancestral spirit can be found in Sagada, in the Philippines. The tradition is still practiced to date.


Hotel del Salto

Located in Colombia, this mansion built to resemble French architecture is said to be haunted by its neighbors as it was common for people to commit suicide here.


Church of Ghosts

After falling into disrepair in 1968 after the roof collapsed during a funeral, the church was completely abandoned for forty years. In order to bring it back to life, ghost-like statues were placed to fill the isles and represent the Sudetan Germans who once lived in the village and frequented the church before WWII.


Sedlec Ossuary

During the Black Plague, the chapel’s cemetery was unable to hold any more bodies and soon, they began to pile up inside it. A woodcarver was commission to arrange the bones but he got a bit over-inspired and began creating decorations using bones. As the result, the inside of the church is completely filled with artworks by the artist (it would be unfair to call him just a “woodcarver” as the result is of his creativity quite impressive).


St. Michan’s Church

The church’s vault contain mummified remains and dozens of coffins. It is said that Bram Stoker once visited the vaults and it was here where his morbid taste was inspired from. The vaults are only able to be seen due to a loophole in the church’s rules.


What macabre locations did we miss out? Feel free to leave any that did not make it to the list in the comments section!

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