January 24, 2022


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Historical Stroll Around Krakow

Krakow is full of history, legends and stories. It is one of the few cities in Poland that remained untouched during the WW II. Actually, the Nazi troops wanted to blow up the whole city, but it was successfully dismantled in time by the Soviet army. Thanks to it, today every tourist can enjoy the ancient beauty of this old city.


Dating back to the 7th century, this city has a lot of charming, interesting and surprising sites for every traveler. You need at least a week to examine all of its places of interest, and even more – if you want just to wander along its ancient cobbled streets, rediscovering the city each day. However, in this itinerary we will visit most important and interesting places – each with its long and striking history.


The first thing that is definitely worth visiting is the Wawel Royal Castle.


After exploring this ancient fortification, you can have a stroll along the quiet streets of the Old Town to another example of the ancient architecture, Krakow Cloth Hall.

Having bought a pair of magnets or the “I love Krakow” keyring, walk to the opposite side of the Rynek Square and prepare to see the magic.

It seems that after visiting this museum everybody falls in love with the Krakowian history. And that would be the right time to visit St. Mary’s Basilica, which is just nearby.

After that, you can board one of the numerous trains which go on the nearby streets and head to the Ghetto Heroes Square.

This stroll represents the whole history of Krakow. It combines magic and reality, evil and virtue, relics of the past and high-tech novelties. You will definitely continue exploring this amazing city. Just don’t forget your camera!