January 22, 2022


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How to find deals for your next vacation

People always say they want to travel, but few ever do. The reason is simple, money, or rather, lack thereof. What if you could have the best of both worlds? Travel and see the many wonders available around the world without winning the lottery? Would you do it? Most people would, and the good news is that it is something that is actually possible.
Most people want to just simply travel when their schedules permit, and that is perfectly fine. But for those who want to make traveling their lives, the good news is that it is a realistic goal, if you are willing to work for it. Getting international jobs can lead you on a course around the world while you visit new and amazing countries and experience everything he globe has to offer. The most basic of jobs can be done by almost anyone, consider becoming an Au Pair and you’ll be able to live and work wherever people have children who need care. Basic jobs that can be used in almost any country include waiting tables, bartending, farming work, and working for a Hostel where generally you will also be offered free or discounted room and board. For those with specialized skills look into working on a cruise ship, seasonal ski instructions, dive instructors, and tour guides. Some countries will even offer work teaching English overseas, and these jobs come with a very nice paycheck that sometimes even includes free airfare.

Search for Deals

If you are simply looking to enjoy a few vacations per year, there are ways to score travel discounts and even free things that can make travel a realistic goal. One of the largest expenses in traveling is airfare, but that doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Look into earning credits towards discounts and free flights through credit cards. As you use your card throughout the year you’ll build up reward points that can be used on flights to save money. Consider using a regular credit card as well as an airline card (such as United Airlines card) and combine the two for the biggest savings possible.

Mailing Lists

Along with using points and discounts look for amazing deals, and they really do exist! Sign up for airline mailing lists and you’ll be on top of all the specials being offered. Keep your eyes open for 2-for-1 mile deals or special offers to get more bonus miles. These will pay off for future trips.
There are a number of services that help connect travels with locals who are willing to let them stay for free. These sites help travelers find free lodging with locals who know the area well and can help give visitors some of the most personalized experiences. While this option is ideal for maximizing your savings, it’s important to know that this does not always guarantee you your own room. In some places it will be a bedroom, in others you may be sleeping on a couch, but the rate is free and the experience is unforgettable.

Book in Advance

One simple tip to save big bucks is to book your adventures ahead. Travel is always cheaper when booked in advance, weather it is airline tickets, railway tickets or events and tours, most offer a discount for booking ahead of time. And while you are searching and booking, look for free walking tours which are available in roughly 90% of European cities. These tours give you a great look at some of the oldest and most historical and significant things in Europe and by simply walking the area, they are generally free of charge.

Avoid Tourist Traps

Finally, one of the biggest tips you can use it to stay away from tourist traps. Sure, everyone wants to stay and dine in the most popular sections of cities, but those are full of tourist traps that can often run as high as twice the price when compared to more remote locations. View the sites and visit the main attractions, but try to eat and stay at a different location where prices are lower. You’ll often find when it comes to dining the locals have some well-loved locations that are not around the city’s main attractions and they will offer some of the best and cheapest food around. Simply ask locals where the best food can be found and follow their lead.
Sure, travel is costly, but it’s not something that can’t be done. These tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to saving money and making travel a reality. Anyone can do it if they plan well, shop around, and take advantage of all the deals that can be found. Don’t let finances stop you from seeing the world, use these tips to help strategically plan an amazing trip around the world for a small price.