January 29, 2022


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How To Travel To Stockholm On A Shoestring Budget?

Many a time, it may so happen that you do not really have a budget to splurge but the desire to travel and explore is whopping. So, what do you do in such cases? You need to plan your trip in such way that you can make the most of your trip and at the same time economize your expenses as well.
As experts on a trip to Stockholm, we are going to give you some of the best tips which will help you have a trip to remember and that too within the stipulated budget as well. The tips that we are going to talk about are all well planned and they will definitely assist you in exploring Stockholm in a money-smart way.
Now, if you are headed to Stockholm, it pays to know that the city is really expensive. Staying here could be upsetting for your budget unless of course, you know how to save your money. So, let us see the different things to do to keep your money safe and still enjoy the perks of traveling in this expensive city.

1. The Lodging

Photo by Anders Ljungberg on Foter.com
Photo by Anders Ljungberg on Foter.com

The hotels could upset your budget significantly. While Sweden does offer hotels in varying budgets, it has been seen that they tend to be expensive nonetheless. But you need to stay somewhere after all. So, what should you do? Do not worry as we have the right solutions for you.
Rather than staying at hotels, you should look for apartment rooms or even better would be the Airbnb locations. Airbnb offers some of the best budget deals and you can analyze the money you want to spend and then bag the right deal. Further, if you have friends staying there, nothing beats managing to get a room for free. This will end up cutting your expenses significantly.

2. The Food

Photo by MinuteDreamer on Foter.com
Photo by MinuteDreamer on Foter.com

While we know that the desire to taste Swedish food could be really immense, one needs to know that dining in hotels could be an expensive affair. Buying groceries isn’t that expensive and if you take multiple meals in restaurants, this will severely impact your budget. So, what are the possible options at hand then?
Try to cook your own food. With a little help and your personal knowledge, you should be able to help yourself to a meal. At least, one of the meals should be home cooked. This will be a healthier alternative and at the same time, it will help you save money too. Further, a lot of hostels tend to offer free pasta. You should check out if your hostel is offering that and this too could help you cut down on your food budget.
Lunch buffets are often known to be an economical choice. So, you can check out the joints that offer economical lunch buffet as this will help you dine out and still save money.
Also, remember that buying a bottle of water could be an expensive affair. Owing to the clean waterfall, drinking water from the tap is a safe choice too. This will cut down a lot of useless expense.

3. Commuting

Photo by Mic V. on Foter.com
Photo by Mic V. on Foter.com

Do NOT take a cab at all. Cabs are mighty expensive not just in Sweden but almost the whole of Europe. Sweden is well connected by a network of railways and buses and even trams. So, if you want to commute from one place to another, we would recommend using the public mode of transport rather than opting for taxis and cabs. If you take too many taxis, you might end up losing all your money in transport alone.

4. See the Archipelago for cheap

Photo by ЕгорЖуравлёв on Foter.com
Photo by ЕгорЖуравлёв on Foter.com

When you are at Stockholm, you definitely need to see the archipelago. There are endless islands that dot the archipelago and you can find umpteen tours that will help you explore these islands during the daytime. But, remember these tours can be mighty expensive.
So if you want to experience these archipelagos for cheap, you should make it a point to take the ferries to the outer islands. Also, if you visit Stockholm during the month October to March, you will find the tickets at half the price.
Almost all the islands are equally beautiful and there is a massive difference if you explore the outer islands compared to the ones in the city. So, when on a shoestring budget, you should select and explore the cheaper islands of the archipelago.

5. The Free Attractions

Photo on Foter.com
Photo on Foter.com

While Stockholm has a lot to offer, why not choose the free attractions first? There are parks in Stockholm that you can visit for free and during the winter time, you can also go for ice skating for free. What else would you need? The Djurgarden, Gardet, and Langholmen are three of the top parks that you can loiter for free.
Not only this, if you are the one who loves museums, it pays to know that visiting museums could be an expensive affair. Most museums charge you almost $15 for every visit. So, why not choose the free ones? You can head to the woodland cemetery, the modern museum and even the national library of Sweden as these offer you free entrance.
So, with these many tips, chalk out the perfect itinerary for Sweden and visit all your favorite places and enjoy your time while sticking to your budget. Of course, the joys of traveling within the stipulated budget is immense and it will help you travel more and quite often too.
Aren’t you excited already to plan your trip to Stockholm? Decide well and plan things beforehand and you should be able to have a budget trip to one of the most expensive cities in Europe.