India, Kasol

The first adventure is the drive up to Kasol which leads through misty forest, and huge mountain ranges. On the way you´ve got a lot of possibilities to stop over and have some snacks at the balconies of the little shops while enjoying the stunning view over green valleys.Captura de pantalla 2015-08-17 a la(s) 03.57.57


On your way to Kasol as well as in the town itself you will find heaps of prayer flags. Those are a sign of the influence the Dalai Lama, who sought exile in northern India, had and has got up there.


Another common attraction are steel carrier boxes with which the citizens carry food or other goods up the hill to areas which they can´t reach properly or fast enough by walking to supply the people or their family living there.


Arriving in Kasol you will see a lot of Israeli restaurants, cafés and shops, that’s why Kasol is also called “Mini Israel”.


Captura de pantalla 2015-08-17 a la(s) 03.58.07At the western side of the town you will find a beautiful forest right next to the river where you can go for walks. The trees are thick and stand close to each other and the mist, which always appears in the morning, makes it look mystical and occult.


Walking further up a little hill after crossing the bridge you will find a hiking path leading directly to hot springs where you can have a nice bath surrounded by the beautiful green nature of Kasol. Another popular activity is trout fishing.


You can find trout at the river side but you will need to contact the forest department to get permission before fishing there. In the last years Kasol grew to a big town rather than a small peaceful place. During the peak season it is really crowded and thus not recommendable staying there during this time. As a result of the commercialization a lot of shops and Indian grocery stores opened so that you can walk the shops or get some sweets at the numerous GCaptura de pantalla 2015-08-17 a la(s) 03.58.22erman and French bakeries. Kasol is famous for its vibrant nightlife. Restaurants and bars are opened until late and especially smoker won’t have any problems smoking inside the buildings there. Due to the Israeli influence and the expansion of the drugs, especially weed and hashish found their way up there and therefore this place is not recommendable as a family holiday area nowadays. The music at nighttime is mainly techno; only in art restaurants you will be able to listen to some alternative music.


After all,     Kasol is still worth a visit even if you´re not into drugs or techno music because it offers far more than that! The nature captures you and especially hikers will fall in love with that little charming region.


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This was a contest submission written by Jennifer-Justine Kirsch

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