Interview With The Girl In The Yellow Dress

Her name is Rita and eight months ago, she decided to quit and sell everything – her Budapest apartment and belongings – to travel around the world indefinitely. You can read about her adventures on her blog (Hungarian) and follow her day-to-day shenanigans on Facebook and Instagram.



1. When did you start travelling? Where did the idea come from?

I started my recent trip 8 and a half months ago. I traveled a lot before, but not so long at once. I was traveling in Thailand a few years ago. I was on a local ferry between islands, and there were many backpackers on this ferry. It was a perfect moment. Sunset, light wind, music in my ears and the feeling of freedom. I wanted it. I wanted it for a long time. This was the moment when I decided I want to travel as long as I can.


2. From where you’ve been so far, what have been your favorite destinations?

Indonesia. This country has so many different cultures, every island is different, like if they were different countries. The landscapes are amazing, underwater life has a lot to offer and the people are extraordinary. Nice, honest, smiling, happy, and friendly. The weather and the sea is warm. What more can a person wish for? I love Indonesia. I have a feeling that I lived here in my previous lives.


3. What is the most important thing you always carry while traveling? Why?

Apart from my laptop and camera, I always carry my water bottle, and a whistle. The water bottle is a great thing when there are free drinking waters offered at airports, or you can buy cheap drinking water on the street from machines for example in the Philippines or you can make tea, coffee, anything. I carry a whistle with me since I got attacked on the road once in Vietnam.




4. What was the most important thing you have learned during your travels?

I cannot take anything for granted. The fact that I have a place to sleep or have something to eat, is not granted. I have to be grateful for every little thing and every human I have connection with on this Earth.


5. What are your plans for the future? Will you keep traveling?

I have no plan at all. I would like to travel as long as I can.


6. Have to had any bad experiences while travelling?

Twice, both in Vietnam. First I got mugged on the street in Ho Chi Minh. A few days later I got attacked on the road on my bicycle by person on a motorcycle. I think he wanted to steal from me probably, but I scared him away when I pushed him and I fell off my bike. I was in real fear probably the first time in my life.




7. Do you feel safe as a girl travelling alone in a foreign country?

Yes, most of the time yes. I have my own rules that I try to keep. One is that I try not to arrive in a new place when it is dark. It is harder to find accommodation and bigger chance for bad things to happen. I try not to walk at night. I always listen to my instinct when I get on a bus, get in a car, or walk in a specific direction.


8. Which advice would you give to those girls who want to do the same as you do?

Do it! Life is too short to wait for the right moment. There is no such thing as the right moment. The right moment is now!


9. Do you prefer to travel luxuriously or do you opt for budget travelling? Why?

Definitely budget traveling. All type of travel has more levels, even budget travels. I like to engage in the local life with local people. The best way to do this is travel on local buses, trains, instead of taking taxis or tourist buses. Staying in hostels give me the opportunity to meet other, like minded travellers. Staying with locals gives me the chance to experience local life, culture, habits even if many times I put myself in very poor conditions. I want to experience what they do every day. I love to travel off the beaten path, even if it is damn hard sometimes.




10. Do you make plans for your travels or you are totally spontaneous?

The latter. Totally spontaneous. I could not travel otherwise. On the way I meet many people, get into different situations, nothing happens as planned. Nothing. New people and situations bring new chances. Traveling is constant decision making. Spontaneously. You have to be flexible, open, and spontaneous.


11. How do you finance your travels?

Long time ago I worked in England for 4 years and saved some money. I bought a small flat in Budapest with this money with mortgage on it. I sold this flat last year, so that I could see the world. I also sold as many things I could from the things I owned. I wanted to collect memories, not things. I may not have things that I own when I go back home, but I am richer that ever, because I have memories in my heart that nobody can ever take away from me.

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