January 21, 2022


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Interview About Hitchhiking With Adrián from www.nincsmese.com

Tell us something about yourself: who are you?
I am Adrian, a hitchhiker from Budapest, Hungary. I am a 25 years old “aboriginal” hitchhiker, whose favorite time spending is – well, guess what – hitchhiking through the Universe! :] When  I don’t hitchhike, I make short films and take photographs (discover www.borsadrian.com). I also like to go to the cinema at least once or twice in a week.


Why and when did you start to hitchhike?
I clearly remember it was 2005 (autumn) and I was 15 years old, when I stayed out from school so I had a couple of empty hours, then I decided to hitchhike to my grandmother’s house, which was 15 kilometers from my home. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, but it was a secret stuff, my parents did not even know about my crazy thumbing actions, but after few months I revealed my travelings and after that finally it was official and cool.


What do you like about hitchhiking? Do you even like it at all?
Well, it’s not so easy to answer this question without tears but… seriously, this is my life. Hitch and hike. Hike and hitch. I always meet with brand new people, who are sometimes the most boring human beings on Earth, but sometimes the most extreme and funniest creatures I have ever met! So this is pure L. I. F. E. On lucky days you can experience rides like never before. A cute Slovenian grandpa’ from the smallest village, an African car dealer who has five children in Hamburg, an Italian gangster who does not speak ANY languages, a charming woman who has an awesome sense of humour… And the story continues. Actually, I can’t even think about stopping this hitchhiking stuff… 🙂 That would be such a nonsense decision. Nooo way!

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What are your hitchhiking plans for the future?
In few days I am going to hitchhike to Finland. My target is Helsinki, but I am also planning to hitchhike to beautiful Turku (and towards North as well). I am highly interested in the Finnish landscape.


What was the worst experience ever during your hitchhikings?
After hitchhiking through many European countries, my very worst experience happened sadly in Hungary. It was near Tatabánya, where a three cars longs convoy with Romanian plate numbers stopped right on the motorway, and suddenly 8-9 crazy people started to run towards me. They were shouting like hell and their faces were… not funny! Fortunately, I realized quickly that they want to beat me and steal my backpack, so I started to run backwards where the parking place entrance was, but after running 80 meters, those bastards recoiled and disappeared in nearly ten seconds. And I was just staring and wondering… man, what the bloody hell was this?! And maybe this happens every day somewhere out there on the motorways, but nobody does anything…


Do you feel safe while hitchhiking?
Yeah, I manage to feel safe every time…! 🙂 Of course. I guess otherwise I wouldn’t do this.


We know that you wrote a book about your hitchhiking experiences, where did the idea come from?
It was 4 years ago, when I was hitchhiking back to Budapest. The publisher with his assistant gave me a fantastic ride, during this trip I told everything about my mad hitchhiker life and also about my hitchhiking webpage. So the publisher guy said “All right, then we’ll have to publish your stories”. Well, that was definitely a lucky ride and a happy day!


What is your book all about?
In this book you can read about four bigger thumbing trips with four city targets: Amsterdam, Prague, Bibione and Munich. The sad thing is, that it’s written in Hungarian. No translation exists yet.


What advice would you give to those people out there who are planning to hitchhike solo for the first time?
The very first advice which I have to tell to EVERY single first timer is the following one: NEVER sit into a car, where you DO NOT WANT TO sit! You have to ask questions from the driver, where is he going, where could he drop you out from the vehicle, stuff like that. You must have a comfortable, nice feeling about the chauffeaur, otherwise – please! – don’t go with him! If you have never done this hitchhiking thingy before, then you should come to Budapest because we organize HungaroHitch, which is an international hitchhiking race, starting from our great city! The teams have to hitchhike and visit as many check points as possible during two days in Hungary (and abroad too!) and also solve some excercises, then they have to get back in time till the end of race. The team with the highest amount of points is the winner. For more information visit www.facebook.com/hungarohitch or www.hungarohitch.com.


Where have you been to so far that you have reach via hitchhiking?
I hitchhiked in lots of countries across Europe, but I haven’t been to Portugal, Ireland and Iceland. In the other countries I have left my hitchhiker footprint, which is nice. Even San Marino was checked! :]