Top 10 Landscapes Of Slovenia

The country of Slovenia might be small, but it has an impressive range of different and absolutely beautiful landscapes within its territory: alpine mountains, virgin forests, sunny coastline, underground caves, hilly vineyards and much more. Selecting the 10 most beautiful landscapes of Slovenia wasn’t an easy task, but here’re our favorite picks:


1. Lake Bled


The landscape from Lake Bled is like a scenery out from a fairy tale: a Church on a lonely island, surrounded by a magnificent lake with an imposing castle on a hill. The best view of Lake Bled and its surrounding is from the Bled Castle. The Bled Island can be reached by pletna boat, although canoeing and swimming are allowed in the lake. During winter, when the lake is nicely frozen, it is possible to walk to the island. It is said that ringing the bell at the Church of Assumption located on the Bled Island brings luck. One of the traditional Slovenia dessert from Bled is the delicious cream cake Kremšnita.


2. Mount Triglav


There are many beautiful mountains in Slovenia, one of the most impressive and important peaks is Mount Triglav, the three heads mountain – the highest peak in Slovenia. Mt Triglav is also the highest peak of the Julian Alps. Mt. Triglav is at the heart of Triglav National Park, the only national park of Slovenia. A 2-3 days hike will lead you to the peak of Mt. Triglav and the view from the top is simply breathtaking!


3. Lake Bohinj


The glacial lake Bohinj is situated in the beautiful Valley of Bohinj, in the Julian Alps. The sight of the largest permanent lake of Slovenia is simply refreshing. The best view of the lake is from the bridge, near the Church of St-John the Baptist. A small hike will lead you to the beautiful Savica WaterfallThe statue of the legendary Goldenhorn can be seen near the lake. Lake Bohinj is an ideal destination for a day of hiking, water activities or simply a relaxing day by the side of a beautiful lake. A boat cruise is also possible on Lake Bohinj.


4. Tolmin Gorges


The Tolmin Gorges is an enchanting natural site with lovely hiking trails along some very beautiful watercourses. The color of the water is exceptionally clear with a shade of green and blue. Located at the lowest point of the Triglav National Park, the Tolmin Gorges has various unique and natural attractions such as the Devil’s Bridge, the Bear’s Head and the Dante’s cave. For all the outdoors lovers out there, the Tolmin Gorges is an absolutely must go!


5. Piran


The short coastline of Slovenia offers a completely different feel from the rest of Slovenia. Warm sunshine, salty sea breeze and refreshing water of the Adriatic sea are what you can expect in Piran. The prettiest sight of the peninsula of Piran is from the city wall of Piran. Walking within the small narrow streets of Piran is a simple, fun and relaxing way to discover the town. The beautiful Tartini Square, the Piran Aquarium, and the St-George Cathedral are all interesting attractions within the beautiful town of Piran.


6. Škocjanske Caves


Slovenia has an impressive array of underground caves. One of the World most significant underground caves is the Škocjanske Caves of Slovenia. The site is registered as a UNESCO world heritage since 1986. The canyon inside the cave is one of the biggest known underground canyons in the world. The view inside and outside of the Škocjanske Caves is simply astonishing. A tour guide along the impressive stalagmites and above a beautiful waterfall inside the Škocjanske Caves is totally worth the trip!


7. Velika Planina


The sight of Velika Planina, one of the most beautiful and visited mountain pastures, is absolutely impressive. The colder temperature due to the high altitude is very refreshing, especially during the hot summers. The landscape is mainly wooden huts and barns surrounded by what seems like never-ending green land. During summertime, farm animals walk freely within the pastures. Velika Planina is a good hiking destination during summer and a good skiing location during winter. Traditional Slovenian dishes and refreshments are also offered in the wooden huts.


8. Ptuj


The landscape of the oldest town of Slovenia and its castle is impressively beautiful, especially from the bridge that crosses Drava, the most important river of the region. The view from the Castle of Ptuj over the river Drava is also fantastic. Ptuj is home to one of the most important festivals of Slovenia: the Kurentovanje. A walk within the narrowed and paved streets of Ptuj is a fun and nice way to discover the town. The area around Ptuj is also known for its relaxing thermal spas.


9. Goriška Brda


One of the wine producing region of Slovenia is the beautiful Goriška Brda with its impressive hilly vineyards. The sight is simply picturesque, especially paired with a good glass of wine. One of the most famous wine of the region is the Rebula, a delicious white wine. Wine roads are clearly indicated in the region, any vineyard will happily welcome you for a visit!


10. Ljubljana


Last but not least, a walk through the beautiful capital city of Ljubljana is easy, simple and lovely. From the terrace of the restaurant and coffee shop Nebotčnik, the sight of the Castle Ljubljana and Tivoli Park, surrounded by the alpine mountains, is absolutely beautiful. There are many beautiful bridges around the old town of Ljubljana, two of the most notables are the Dragon Bridge and the Triple Bridge. The Prešeren Square is the main square of Ljubljana, where a lot of activities take place. Ljubljana is also the center of various cultural events like the Open Kitchen and the Flow Festival.


Other unique sights of Slovenia: Divaški Kras in Risnik, Kranjska Gora, World famous attraction Postojna Cave and anywhere along the Emerald river Soča. Enjoy your visit and safe travel!

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