January 21, 2022


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Learning Resources To Pass Microsoft MD-101 Exam: Are Exam Dumps Helpful?


Microsoft Corporation is a giant tech company known best for its range of operating systems(OS) and the Office Suite. However, individuals who are linked directly to the IT field understand that this organization offers more than just the mentioned solutions — it also provides IT exams and credentials. For the reason that Microsoft is a company at the peak of its rank, its certifications have high credibility and fame. To earn any of them, the candidate should pass one or several exams.


In this post, we will focus on examMD-101 which is one of the requirements for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential.



MD-101 Exam Overview

The test measures your capability to complete various tasks that include:

  • Deploying and updating operating systems;
  • Managing policies and profiles;
  • Managing and protecting devices;
  • Managing applications and data.


This MD-101 exam comprises 40-60 questions coming in differing formats. They may include multiple-choice, review screen, drag-and-drop, best answer, short answer, case studies, and build list. You must complete the test within 150 minutes and gain the passing mark of 700 points out of 1000. Bear in mind that you must pay $165 to sit for this exam.




Also, notice that you need to pass one more test to get this certification — MD-100: Windows 10. This means that you should devote a lot of time and resources to achieve this goal. And you’re probably wondering why you should get certified in the first place. Go on reading.


Reasons to Get Certified

Here are some of the benefits you can get when you pass exam MD-101 and acquire the associated prestigious Microsoft certification:


  • Offers unmatched job security: Job security is one of the aspects that the majority of workers in the IT field worry about. Because of the dynamic nature of the IT sector, hiring managers prefer individuals with modern skills and once you’re certified, you acquire them. Therefore, credentials assist in guaranteeing someone else doesn’t end up taking your job.
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  • Gives you up-to-date skills: IT is one of the most dynamic fields. You’ll come across innovations every day. Certifications offer you a chance to update your skills which will be useful when working with specific IT technologies and in other facets of the IT field.
  • Better pay: It is customary for an individual with updated skills and professionalism to get a better salary that matches their competency. PayScale reports the average annual pay for certified desktop administrators is up to $69k.
  • More job opportunities: Certifications will help you land a lucrative job position. This is because specialized credentials put you on a higher rank when compared with individuals that possess general degrees.
  • Validation: The certification you gain plays a vital role when it comes to validating your skills. It serves as proof to your potential employers that you have acquired the indicated expertise.


If you wish to enjoy these benefits, then you have no choice but to thoroughly prepare for the exam. And the most important bit of preparation is getting to know which resources to use.




Learning Resources to Prepare for the MD-101 Exam

1. Instructor-Led Courses


The instructor-led courses are accessible on-demand as well as have an in-classroom format and are usually offered by accredited trainers. Any of them clears your doubts. You’ll also get a chance to ask for assistance from your instructor just in case you’re stuck somewhere. The Course MD-101T01-A ‘Deploying the Modern Desktop’ is one of the courses you can take. This training allows exam takers to know how to implement and plan an OS deployment strategy. It helps them understand different approaches available, the scenes they’re fitted for, and how to install Windows using the latest approaches. Lastly, the course covers implementing and planning update strategies for Windows. The other two programs train the candidates in working with devices and modern desktops as well as protecting them.


2. Free Online Training


Microsoft’s free online training is usually conducted by qualified specialists in the IT industry. The MD-101 exam free online course offers learners flexibility, thus enabling them to study anytime and in any place they wish. And the fact that they can get the required knowledge for free gives the course another plus!


3. Study Guides


The Microsoft Press Store has a reliable study guide for the exam crafted by professionals. It will assist you in understanding the concepts better even as you already use some other prep materials. You’ll learn not only the required topics and their details but also many other things that are related to the exam and the certification you are going to earn.




Why Add Exam Dumps to the List of Resources?

Enrolling in the preparation course or studying with a guide is great but you need something more than knowing theory and even some practical skills. This means that you have to know how to show those results of your studies in the exam environment. This is where exam dumps become highly useful.


Exam dumps are the files that contain the actual test questions with answers. They let the exam takers get acquainted with the exam topics, types of questions, and its format. However, the only challenge when it comes to using these resources is finding valid and actual dumps. Fortunately, there are some reliable websites like Prepaway.com that offer updated and trustworthy vce files. Using their MD-101 exam dumps has numerous benefits like:

  • Helps you get familiar with the exam structure;
  • Gives you a chance to gauge your level of competence;
  • Trains you to manage your time;
  • Boosts your confidence.


So, the dumps can serve you well as the review materials.


Prepaway.com provides free braindumps and a paid Premium Bundle for MD-101 assessment. The Bundle, which costs $49.99, includes a file with 124 questions, 67 lectures, and a study guide with 494 pages. Furthermore, the premium materials offered by this site are updated and verified by IT experts.





Earning the associate-level Microsoft credential for Modern Desktop Administrator is the best approach to advance your career. It will validate your skills, help you become a valuable asset in your company, and gain recognition. So, make sure you earn this certification by passing the relevant tests that include MD-100 and MD-101 exams. Acing them would be possible if you study efficiently and use reliable prep materials like study guides, training courses, and exam dumps. Wishing you the best as you pursue your career goals through proper preparation!