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Summary offers suggestions on things to do and tourist attractions in Egypt.

Attractions in Egypt

Attractions in Egypt

Photo credit: jaybergesen / Foter / CC BY

A burial site containing the tombs of pharaohs and...

Photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) / Foter / CC BY-SA

Two impressive rock temples that date back to the ...

Photo credit: JackVersloot / Bobs Furniture / CC BY

The oldest known monumental sculpture in the world

Photo credit: Charlie Phillips / Foter / CC BY

An oasis located near the temple of the Oracle of ...

Photo credit: George M. Groutas / Photo / CC BY

Home to the world's most extensive collection of p...

Photo credit: paweesit / Source / CC BY

The only remaining Ancient Wonder of The World and...

Photo credit: maltman23 / Foter / CC BY-SA

The go-to place for crafts and souvenirs in Egypt

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