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Attractions in Sri Lanka

Attractions in Sri Lanka

Includes one of the most elevated panther densitie...

Photo credit: peterp via / CC BY

Welcome to the colonial grandeur

Photo credit: Gerald Pereira via / CC BY

Journey to the sacred foot print

Photo credit: rahuldlucca / Foter / CC BY

The impressive Buddha statues

The oldest stupa in Sri Lanka

Photo credit: YIM Hafiz / Foter / CC BY

Budda's Nirvada position

Photo credit: Sitomon / Foter / CC BY-SA

One of the places Buddha is believed to have visit...

Photo credit: YIM Hafiz / Foter / CC BY

Sri Lanka's second capital city

Photo credit: mφop plaφer / Foter / CC BY-SA

The home to over a hundred Buddha statues

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