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Belgrade Region is the Serbian region around the capital city of Belgrade. Situated at the crossroads between the Central Europe and the Orient, it is noted for its urban life and cultural attractions. The main language is Serbian. The climate is temperate continental. Here was born professional tennis player Novak Djokovic.

Attractions in Belgrade Region

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Perfect place for you to have your first caffeine ...

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Statue of victory in the Thessaloniki front

By Terazije Theatre - Terazije Theatre, CC BY-SA 3.0, Веза

A really interesting Broadway-style theatre!

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Enjoy a romantic view over the river Sava

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A really modern-looking theatre!

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Best place for local students of medicine and stom...

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A museum dedicated to the great Tesla!

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You’ll have a great time here!

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A popular tourist place

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If you want to see a Noble Prize plaque, visit thi...

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A perfect place for the kids as well as the grownu...

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Great for coffee break, lunch, or late night parti...

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Beautiful art pieces from West Africa!

A swamp forest with lush flora and an art colony i...