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The astounding land of castles and mountains, the place which redefines and personifies beauty, Slovakia is all this and so much more. Located in the heart of Europe, Slovakia is a dream destination for too many people who want to explore and unwind some of the most majestic of all nations that have so much to offer to tourists.


There are a hundred reasons for you to visit Slovakia and you can choose your own which seems to be your personal favorite. The underlying idea mainly is to ensure that you choose to travel to a place that adds to your memories, experience, and satisfaction.


The whole European continent is known to be a traveler’s paradise. There are so many different nations which you can see and explore that it might be tough to settle for a single one of them. However, Slovakia is one such country which is nestled among the mountains and it is definitely going to add to your experience in the right manner.


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Here, we are going to give you an in-depth detail of this Slovak Republic and precisely let you know as to what is worth seeing here, the things that make this country special, the souvenirs you need to take home, the places you cannot afford to miss, the time apt for travelling and so much more. Every single detail is going to matter and this is why we are going to add all of this to ensure that you have a tour that you will definitely remember.


It is the capital city of Bratislava which seems to draw in the largest number of tourists. Of course, there are a lot of other cities too which have a great many things to do and explore. So, are you all set to explore this beautiful country and see what it has in store for you!


The Weather

Slovakia mostly enjoys a European kind of climate as you can have dry summers which will be followed by quite cold winters. Like the rest of Europe, the winter can be quite frosty and you can expect the country to be snow-capped and have the perfect white Christmas feel.


January is definitely the coldest month of the season and even the daytime temperatures tend to hover around the zero mark and sometimes even below that. It is common to have the north-easterly winds called Bora run which can be fierce and fast and lead to a very strong cold wave. There is also the possibility of snowfall and snowstorms.


The mountain regions of Slovakia are much frostier and there can be as many as 120 snow-covered days too while the lower lands tend to have less than 40 days of snow.


So, if you are someone who loves the feel of winters, the Slovak Republic will give you a great way to enjoy that.


During the summer season, the temperatures tend to stay between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius and the high could shoot up to 30 degrees. The weather tends to be quite dry and there are sunny spells mostly. July tends to be the hottest month and the average temperature could be around 22 degrees. Once again, it is the low lands which tend to be hotter whereas the mountain regions are likely to be a whole lot cooler comparatively.


The Best Months

Whenever you are planning a trip to a country, it is always advised to find out which is the best month to travel. Doing this helps you make the most of your traveling experience.


When it comes to Slovakia, it is May to September which seems to be the apt weather for traveling. During these months, expect the days to be warm and the night time to be cool. You can also find a little bit of rains which gives the place the rustic feel that travelers are known to love immensely.


Of course, you can choose your time of travel based on your preferences. The autumn and the winter season tends to get chilly and also wet. The mountain region might even get snowy and foggy which can take away some charm of your travel. So, until and unless, you are looking to enjoy the best of snow sports, it is advised to visit the country during May to September rather than wait for the winters.


However, for all the ski lovers out there, it is winters which will help you get the most out of this European paradise.


Now that you have the basics, let us dig some further details about the weather and the climate and the precautions you need to take when planning a travel to this part of the country.


The Seasons

Ideally, the seasons of Slovakia can be widely categorized under four heads which includes spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


The spring season kick-starts in the month of March and continues till the middle of June which then marks the summer season. The summer continues till mid-September and is followed by autumn which ends in the middle of December to give way to the frosty winter season.


The Spring Season

During the spring season, be all prepared to witness a lot of climate changes. You can have showered all of a sudden and then you may even experience sudden strong winds too. At the same time, the sun can be at its peak and the warmth could be high. So, it is a little hard to predict precisely what the weather is going to be because twists and turns seem to be the order of the day.


The spring season is definitely beautiful but not the best to travel to Slovakia mainly because you would not know the seasons and climate to expect and packing could be a tedious affair. The early spring season could help you sneak in some winner sports activities if the remnant snow hasn’t completely melted yet. But then a lot depends on your luck.


The Summer Season

The summer season is likely to be very hot and the heat waves can be very rough and mighty, especially in the lowlands. The temperatures can reach as high as 30 degrees. Rains and storms are also quite common and yet the time is just right to explore Slovakia. The storms are not known to be very destructive as they mostly just bring the temperature down. Floods and hurricanes have been rarely reported here.


So, if you are looking for the right kind of climate to travel to the country, this seems to be an apt season. Of course, you won’t be able to sneak in any snow probably yet it makes for an enriching experience.


The Autumn Season

Autumn is known to be both foggy and windy and you should also be prepared to witness a great deal of rainfall as well. During the September/October month, you may also get a great deal of sunshine and dry period too. So, this season is known to be apt for carrying out hiking, trekking, parachuting and other light outdoor activities. As winter hasn’t officially kicked in by now, the temperature tends to be a whole lot more tolerable.


The Winter Season

Unless you absolutely love snow and winter sports, this is not going to be your favorite season. The temperate tends to hover around -5 to -10 degrees and sometimes even lower. The main regions can get frosty cold and you are likely to witness both rain and snow.


Of course, the snow sports start in full action which means despite the extreme weather, you may find a lot of rush because there are a lot of outdoor winter sports lovers and skiers who tend to come to this place. Also, be prepared to spot too many local Slovakians.


Slovakia is famous for sports mainly because during the day, one can soak in the sun despite how frosty it might get by the night time.


When traveling during the winters, make sure to have snow tires and always have snow chains for the tires. Also, it is common to find roads under maintenance and you should always stay a little under the speed limit as vehicles can skid because of excess snow on the road. While there hasn’t been a lot of such accidents, the avalanche risk is quite high in the mountain areas. So, do not go into areas that have not been marked safe for tourists because no one wants to risk their lives unnecessarily.


The Travel Tips

Now that you have decided the season during which you should plan your travel, the next thing we will want to focus on is the top travel tips that will help you have a great vacation.


These tips have been curated keeping in mind the need of the travelers and the country.


Travel light

Always make it a point to travel light so that you can be on the go. The best tours are enjoyed when you have it in you to quickly pack your stuff and move from one place to the other without the botheration of too much packing.


Choose the right clothing

Based on which season you are traveling, you can decide the clothing accordingly. When you are headed to enjoy winter sports, you should make it a point to head to the country with the right mountain gears. At the same time, those who are headed to the country during summers you should choose light clothing but, always have an umbrella with you as this will help you be prepared for all kinds of weather.


Plan the trip beforehand

Most of all, you should make it a point to plan the whole trip beforehand as this will give you the right head start into your vacation. While we are also a fan of impromptu trips too, planning the details ensures that you can have a complete trip which will give you a memorable experience.


There are a lot of guides out there which can help you spot the top places you need to visit.


Winter sports reservation and details

When you are out there to participate in winter sports, it is important to get an idea of the details and the dates beforehand. Knowing all the details will allow you to have a much better knowledge of how to participate in them and make the most out of it.


The duration

One of the common mistakes which too many people make is that they end up choosing a wrong duration. Do not let your trip be too short or too long either. Too long would mean you may get bored and too short means that you might end up missing out on some of the best places as well. So, know the top places to visit and get an estimate of how much time it is going to entail and plan things accordingly.


This is why a lot of people believe that the best way to go for a tour is to take an itinerary as this will allow you to know the apt duration which is fit for you. Going to a place and leaving it unexplored does no justice to your tour. We believe that a 10-day long trip is good enough to give you the perfect Slovakian feel. If you are crammed for time, a week too would be good enough to see all that truly matters.


The Top Cities

Now, before venturing into further details, we will be talking about the top cities which you can explore and enjoy to the fullest.



Photo by Kamil Rejczyk on

Photo by Kamil Rejczyk on


Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and the cultural hub of this country. People hailing from a lot of different nationalities tend to stay here and these include Hungarians, Slovaks, Czechs, Jews and even Germans. You will be blown by the beauty of this quaint little town as there are castles perched at the top of the hills and massive parks and of course the endless pubs as well. Further, you will find the best hiking spots in this town and it definitely is the top town to be in when you are exploring Slovakia.


Banska Bystrica

This town is located in the central Slovakia region and you will find it to be crisscrossed by a lot of mountain ranges. This city is known for exhibiting some of the finest architecture. So, if you love to marvel some breathtaking work by the top architects, this is the city to be.



Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons


One can trace the town back to the 13th century, however; it was some massive fire which led to major destruction and during the 16th century, the town was stripped of most of its gothic architecture. When the renovation and restructuring were done it was the renaissance style that was imposed on the city. Currently, Levoca is a part of the UNESCO heritage list as some of the constructions have been very well preserved and have now become an iconic point.



Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons


Hailed to be the second biggest city in the country, it was once the capital of Czechoslovakia for a short while after the termination of WWII. It is a great pleasure to explore the winding and cobbled streets of the city and at the same time, you will find the place to be dotted with too many restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, bars and what not.


Of course, apart from Kosice, Slovakia; there are a lot of other towns too which you can explore and enjoy but these are surely the key highlights you cannot afford to miss.


Worth the hype?

Some of us truly wonder if Slovakia is worth the hype which is generated. Well, this is where we sort out the confusion for you. There are so many reasons which make Slovakia the perfect country and it is thus hailed to be the true queen of Europe. So, here we explore the details for you as you will be able to find what makes this country tick amongst tourists and you will end up packing your bags almost immediately.


Bucket list sign off

We all have our bucket list filled with activities like jumping off a cliff to visiting a certain country. Well, Slovakia too gives you a lot of reason to sit on your bucket list because there are practically so many things which you can do here.


So be all set to learn the umpteen reasons which make Slovakia one of the perfect countries to be perched on the top of your bucket list and you will crave to tick it off at the earliest. From being a hiker’s paradise to the kind of brilliant architecture you can witness here, the place has all this and so much more.


Planning the Perfect Trip

Like we told you, it is important to have an itinerary which will guide you in the right manner. There are a lot of small European countries nestled together and you can plan one of the perfect trips by choosing to go to the places that you deem fit.


Here, we are going to give you a two-week itinerary headed from Poland and ending at Slovakia. This is definitely going to be a fulfilling trip and the itinerary has been curated by experts who know the ins and outs of the trail. So, if you are up for the best kind of adventure, we totally recommend you checking these details and it will guide you in a befitting way.


The right planning and some prior preparations would ensure that you will be able to have the best 2 weeks of your life. Both Poland and Slovakia are two of the most beautiful countries which give you a breathtaking view and also the privilege of enjoying the best of beer and cafe too. So, sit back and note down the details of this itinerary.


The Best of Places to See

One of the highlights of the trip is to find the best places in Slovakia which you just cannot afford to miss. We know that you may have too big a list already. So, the smarter thing to do is to know beforehand as to where are the two places where you should head to.


Here, we have shortlisted the top attractions which you can definitely see and enjoy. The Tatras Mountains surely tops this list as it is a great scenic point with some breathtaking views to die for. Apart from this, do not miss out on the village of Zdiar which is ancient and can be dated back to the 15th century and the architecture is marvelous.


Photo by on

Photo by on


Another historical town, Levoca is yet another heritage site which is going to be a traveler’s delight. The Demanovska Dolina is a tiny village which brings in a lot of tourists. The ice cave and the cave of liberty here is worth watching. The Spis Castle too is a great wonder and it can be traced back to the 12th century. This is the biggest castle in the whole of Europe and is a part of the UNESCO world heritage list too.


Lodging and Hotels


Whenever you plan a vacation, one of the first things you have to do is look for the best kind of hotels and lodges where you can stay and have a great vacation to remember. So, here we are going to give you a list of 7 of the best hotels which you should consider staying at.


We have picked these hotels after careful consideration of too many points and we are hopeful that it will help you spot the best possible places. Of course, if budget is a major bottleneck, you are free to explore even more options. Slovakia being a tourist nation will give you a lot of different options to stay and this is why there are going to be choices galore.


So, go through the list and see if any of it seems to fit your bill and budget and you can then decide accordingly.


The Kids’ Corner

Now that we are done with the key highlights of the place, the next thing we are going to deal with has to be finding the best attraction for kids. When you head for a vacation with family, it gets important to find the kind of attractions which you can enjoy even with your kids.


So, we are also going to shortlist some of the key details regarding attractions which you can enjoy with the kids in the High Tatras. There is a massive aqua park in Tatras which is awesome for kids to spend time. Further, you also have a hurricane factory which is apt for adrenaline junkies too. The list of activities is endless and you can boat on Strbske Pleso or even dig the best of Slovakian food.


By finding kid-friendly attractions, you can have the assurance that the whole family would enjoy their time and have a very memorable trip. So, do your bit and spot the right locations to have a happy smile on everyone’s face.


Of course, it all boils down to what your kids love the most. Some kids grow more quickly than the others and they can have their own preferences but, at least knowing the options beforehand means that you have a lot of room to plan accordingly.


For Kids that Trek

If you are in Bratislava and looking to trek and make the most of your trip, even when you are a little munchkin or have tiny feet, we did our best to carve a perfect walking tour for you. It has been rightly said that there are few better ways to explore a place other than foot. So, make it a point to see through this walking tour and then find out what seems to work best for you.


We are sure that your kids too would love the walking tour and it would give them a lot to be happy about.


Water and Amusement Parks

Narrowing down the attractions even further, we are here with some of the best water and amusement parks which you need to see. It is these parks which are definitely going to add to your thrill and give you a lot to be excited about. So, explore these parks and find out what makes them so popular not only among tourists but the general public too. They are grand and filled with too many activities that spell fun and excitement.


The Budget Crisis

Almost on too many occasions, it has been seen that people do not really have too much money to splurge. Being on a shoestring budget can be a little too hard and this is why we bring for you the best 5 free things to do in Bratislava. With these details, you will be able to make the most of your trip and at the same time, they won’t cost you a bomb either.


These activities include a visit to the Bratislava castle, the curious statues of Bratislava, the TV tower and the new and old bridge.


The Hiking Lovers

By Michał Parzuchowski mparzuchowski, via Wikimedia Commons

By Michał Parzuchowski mparzuchowski, via Wikimedia Commons


The high Tatras region in Slovakia are surely the best and most often visited by tourists. You should surely keep an eye out for the different trekking possibilities there as the trek not only challenges you but gives you a view to die for. The place is perfect and has so much to offer that you are definitely going to fall head over heels for it.


Here, we bring to you some of the best hikes. The best thing is that some of these hikes are also apt for children so even if you have little babies with you on your trip, you do not need to give up on trekking as there are plenty of options at hand.


Some of the trekking trails are so well marked that you can find too many kids enjoying their time there. It is a great way for families to bond and do what they love together as well. Slovakia is home to some of the best hiking and trekking spots and this is why you should keep an eye on all this and more. We have brought for you the best of hiking trails and any hiker will surely love these details as it will help them plan one of the most perfect trips which are bound to create an everlasting impression and endless memories as well.


Winter Sports

Next up is winter sports because this is what brings in too many tourists on this European nation. There are a lot of sporting activities which are conducted during the snow-clad winter season and if you are an adrenaline junkie or someone who just loves sports, this is precisely what will have you interested. From skiing to dog sleigh, skating and so many more, you will definitely be entertained to the fullest.


The Ski Resorts

Now that we are giving you all these details, it is time to focus on the ski resorts. When you are headed to this country during the winters, you will be able to stay at some of the top scenic locations and the best of resorts as well. Here, we will share the key details regarding which of the resorts seem like the best place to stay. From the Jasna Nizke Tatry to the Strbske Pleso and even Tatranska Lomnica, there are so many options out there for you.


Explore the options, find out the details and then choose what seems to be apt for your stay.


The Best Festivals

Slovakia is the country of too many festivals and it is best advised to know about them as this will help you enjoy them to the fullest and thereby make the most of your trip. From Rotenstein which celebrates middle ages and quirky things to the folk festival Vychodna for lovers of folk music to even Kremnica Gags which is sure to keep your spirits happy, there is so much that you can do and enjoy when you are in this country.


The Best Slovakian Lakes

Photo by Kamil Porembiński on

Photo by Kamil Porembiński on


The Slovakian Lakes are known for their charismatic beauty and the finest elegance. If you are looking to enjoy solitude and solace, the lakes are definitely the place to be. The Liptovska Mara and the Zelena Voda are two of the finest lakes you need to hang around.


Always make it a point to click a lot of pictures as it will help you steal too many memories together.


The Caves to Crave

Photo by on

Photo by on


The caves are surely a new exciting option to travel and they give you so much to explore and cherish. Slovakia is home to too many caves and each one of them is more majestic than the other. From the cave of the dead bats to the Belianska cave and even the Jasovska Cave, there is so much which will have you entertained and thrilled. Some of the caves come with a breathtaking view which will definitely leave you asking for more.


The Best Castles

Photo by on

Photo by on


Slovakia is home to some of the best castles as there are as many as 300 of them. These include castles, monasteries and even forts as well. Some of them have been ruined but still, the glory remains intact. The Spis castle to the Orava castle and even the Trencin castle and more; each of these is definitely a true beauty.


The Facts Less Known

Wouldn’t it be so amazing to know some of the facts about Slovakia which would make you gape at amazement? Well, these are some of the stunning facts which might just push your curiosity even further and give you a lot to be excited. For all travel lovers out there who want to explore, unwind and unearth, these are some of the best facts which will have you packing your bags immediately.


Souvenirs to Take Home

No trip to a nation is complete until and unless you bring back the best souvenirs for yourself and friends and family as well. So, to help you sort out the confusion, we have also compiled a list of souvenirs that are simply apt for your travel.


Be all set to find out what is the perfect gift to take home which will serve as an apt memorabilia for this trip.


What’s In Store?

Despite having a lot of details, each country has some hidden gems and unexplored access which are offbeat and might not get too many tourists but are a true gem. We believe that you deserve to know even those because this is precisely where the beauty of a vacation truly lies.


When you visit a country and you are able to explore the hidden gems of the places, this is when you feel that you have accomplished something great. So, we do not want you to have a regular run off the mill trip, we are here looking to give you a little something extra and this is why we also bring the offbeat places for you which you should tour to have a memorable trip.


The Podhajska swimming resort and spa is one such solace. It comes with endless attractions and parks and a lot of other things too. It is also best advised to head here at the end of the trip because the spa and massage are to die for as it will definitely de-stress your body and end your trip on a high note.


The Velky Inovec peak is another hidden gem as you can enjoy one of the best hikes here which is going to be satisfying and memorable. This peak is in the middle of a forest and you have a cottage beside to relax. Sounds like a win-win situation, isn’t it?


Do not miss out on the Donovalkovo theme park for children either. Parents can drop their kids here while they immerse themselves in the winter sports or the hiking treks. It is definitely a gem that will have you thoroughly entertained at all costs.


So, these are some of the top hidden gems which you should surely keep an eye out for as they will entertain you and give you a true and enriching experience to remember.


So, now that you have all these details about Slovakia, are you gearing up for the trip? We know that the world is too big and the desire massive to explore as many countries as you want. However, for the time being, Slovakia seems to fit the mood, the bill and of course the fun and thrill factor too. It has a little of everything from the castles to the new sophistication, the pubs, breweries, and even the museums. From the authentic Slovakian food to the best wine, what more would you ever need!


So, explore, unwind and travel to this heart of the European country and enjoy an experience which you will definitely remember!

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